Young conservative group launches new media initiative

by NW Spotlight

A group of young conservatives has announced the launch of their new media initiative: Resistance 44.

According to the group’s web site, “Resistance 44 was founded with the mission to create the largest standing force of young conservative activists in America, dedicated to encouraging independence over government dependence, countering the progressive agenda and having a say in the future we will inherit.”

Resistance 44 CEO and co-founder, Justen Charters, has also been a contributor to Oregon Catalyst.

The press release announcing their launch describes Resistance 44 as “a nationwide network of young activists committed to facilitating a radical culture shift from a generation indoctrinated to embrace mob mentality to informed, politically active individual thinkers.”

The press release notes this will be accomplished “by creating trending topics on twitter, friending thousands of Facebook fans, and using every social media platform available to promote the goal of Resistance 44.  With this infrastructure, Resistance 44 will bombard social media platforms with high impact video entertainment that uses shock value, humor and irony to educate millions of voters ages 18-40.”

Here’s a look at Resistance 44’s first video: