Legislature holds on Macpherson appointment

Oregonians In Action launched a telephone campaign to stop Greg Macpherson from being appointed to LCDC. The Senate tabled their plan to vote ont his week. OIA said”¦

“We did it! Thanks to your efforts, the Legislature has tabled the appointment of Greg Macpherson to LCDC! The Legislature and Governor’s Office were not prepared for the number of telephone calls they received in opposition to Macpherson’s appointment. BUT WE CAN’T STOP NOW! The Senate Rules Committee could take up Macpherson’s appointment at its next meeting in December. We must continue our efforts to stop this hyper-partisan politician from being appointed to LCDC.”

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  • Alan

    Either OIA is a sharp on-top political organziation or our Senators are finally responding to their constituents. I hope it is both. I don’t think you could find a more poor spokesman for land-use than Macpherson, except maybe appointing the New Carissa.

  • parker205

    Greg has served honorably in the land-use committee and helped deliver Measure 49. I am sure he will be appointed. He brings good legislative experience, and his legal background as well. I notice this week that we are dedicating a statue to Tom Mcall, I see no statue to Dave Hunnicutt?

    • John Fairplay

      Where’s the MacPherson statue?

  • Anonymous

    “Greg has served honorably in the land-use committee ”

    Your definition of honor is substantially different than that of most people.

    • Alan

      I think he meant to say Greg served “horribly” not “honroably”. Must be a typo.

  • bill

    MacPherson is just a common thief. A land thief.

    • JesseO

      And you’re not blaming the 61.8% of Oregon voters who passed Measure 49?

      Macpherson could have passed a bill without referring it to voters. It’s the voters who decided to pass Measure 49, so if it’s a land thief, you’re calling Oregon voters thieves. Thanks for that.

      • jonescreekranch

        Oregon voters where mis-led by the bogus ballot title and mis-information spread via the TV ads. Oregonians in general do not read the ballot measures and respond only to TV ads. That is why we have a screwed up legislature and executive office. Demo’s have perfected the bait and switch.

        • JesseO

          So THAT’s why Oregon voters passed Measure 37. I was wondering.

          Or, perhaps, voters were wondering how OIA hoodwinked them with Measure 37 lies, which is why they passed Measure 49.

  • dean

    Macpherson represents the large majority of Oregonians who support sensible land use regulations, not the strident minority who want to deregulate land use the same way they deregulated banking. He should and eventually will end up with this appointment.

  • Anonymous

    Macpherson represents the perpetual con job and fraud mascarading as sensible land use regulations.
    He is of the most extreme dishonest camp where dean also resides.
    I suspect he will end up with this appointment as Oregon is under the tryranny of the central planners.

    • dean

      Yes…the “extreme” majority. How ridiculous is that?

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