John Nelsen asks House Democrats to retract false statements

[John Nelson Press Release 9/26]
Nick Kahl Continues to Lie About John Nelsen in Advertisement
Nelsen makes second demand to Nick Kahl, House Democrats to retract false statements.

East Multnomah County — John Nelsen, candidate for State Representative in District 49, today made a legal request that Comcast stop airing an ad purchased by the Committee to Elect Nick Kahl because it contains lies about Nelsen’s position on a sales tax. Kahl’s TV ad falsely claims that Nelsen supports a sales tax. In the ad and three other mailings sent by the House Democrat’s political action committee, Kahl sites a statement made by Nelsen at a Gresham Chamber of Commerce forum as proof of Nelsen’s support of a sales tax. Footage of the forum shows that this is patently untrue.

Video footage, aired on Metro East TV, shows Nelsen’s true position on sales tax:

“The reality is that the people of Oregon have pretty much boo-hoo’ed sales taxes since I was a kid. I’d have to see some serious backing off of property taxes and income taxes before I would feel good at all about asking my neighbors just to throw more gold in the coffer. Part of that because of a philosophical thing but part of that is that, my experience has been that Salem hasn’t been very efficient or economical with the dollars they do have.”

Nelsen is a long time resident of East County and is currently the Chairman of the Reynolds School Board. He’s worked, raised a family and served his community in East County. Nelsen says he knows that a sales tax is not the way to solve any budget problems and the only way to fix the problem is to boost revenue through job creation and economic growth.

“I called on the House Democrats last week to retract the mailers they sent and issue a correction to East County voters. Not only have they not corrected themselves, Mr. Kahl continues to lie to us,” says Nelsen. “I’m renewing my call to the House Democrats and Mr. Kahl to retract the mailers and TV ad and have made a public legal request for Comcast to stop airing the ad.”

Under federal law, Comcast is not allowed to remove advertisements placed by candidates, but Nelsen says he was aware of the laws before making the official request and did so to make a point. “My goal is not to have the ad forced off the air by a third party””it’s for my opponent to do what’s right. The person who should be responsible for removing a dishonest ad is the person who put it up in the first place. Kahl and his supporters should be willing to step up to the plate, admit their ad is misleading and tell East County the truth””the voters deserve better.”

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  • HD49 Constituent

    It appears that John Nelsen is telling two stories of his sales tax support. Quoted above is the story he’s attempting to stand behind NOW. However, he clearly backed sales taxes while at the Gresham Chamber of Commerce on 7/23/08. His quote:

    “Well, I’ll tell you what. If fair and moral is the criteria we’re looking for, then sales tax is the answer. Alright, property taxes punish us for investing in our properties. It’s punishment. Income taxes punish us for going out and being productive people, and they cut right at the heart of the prosperity of our families. Sales tax, on the other hand punishes us for being conspicuous consumers and not being thrifty. Sales taxes reward us for saving and investing. That’s what this nation needs. ”

    There is indisputable video you can watch and listen for yourself! or

    John Nelsen can’t hide behind false and misleading statements. His press releases are the only lies in this race.

  • J. Rodriguez

    John Nelsen said clearly that he only supports a sales tax IF and ONLY IF Oregon’s income tax is repealed and replaced with a more transparent and simple sales tax.

    Nelsen does not support a new tax. That is a lie. He supports tax reform to a fairer and easier system.

  • M. Harmon

    John Nelsen thinks sales taxes are fairer than property or income taxes, when in fact they are the most regressive of the three.

    If Nelsen is so big on truth in advertising, why does he lie on his mailers about having “key Democratic support” and then list 4 names, two of whom are not Democrats. Hypocrisy much, John?

    Nelsen has told people that he’s more like a Democrat than a Republican. He’s so scared he’s trying to run from his own party—and away from his own words. It won’t work because East County voters are smarter than that.

    John, either own up to your statements and, if necessary, retract them or deal with the reality you’ve created for yourself and your campaign.

    This is politics, not a damn tea party. If you can’t take people tossing your own words back to you, be more careful what you say. Nick doesn’t whine when you or your Family First friends come out with stupid attack ads trying to make him look like some scary liberal or when you blatantly lie on your mailers. He sticks to the issues….things like TAXES. You said it, he’s proved it. Deal with it or drop out of the race now—but stop your silly whining. It’s unbecoming of someone who would represent East County, especially since Nick’s ad and mailers are factual and yours are not. Get over yourself.

  • Anonymous

    What the hell would Nick Kahl know about taxes? He’s never made enough money to pay any.

  • Ms Mel Harmon

    I’ve never seen Nick’s tax returns, so I have no idea what he’s made or paid; however, I do find your statement odd since apparently you prefer Nelsen’s idea of tax plans—ie that sales taxes are fairer and more moral (and how are taxes moral or immoral anyway?) than income or property taxes, which is patently untrue. So, Nelsen, who by your reckoning has paid more taxes than Nick in his lifetime actually knows LESS than Nick about how taxes and tax code would affect the average East County resident and knows enough to not voice support for a sales tax which is regressive and harmful to working class people. Hmmmm….I’ll vote for Nick on this issue, thanks.

    Even if, taking their ages into account, Nick has paid less taxes than Nelsen, so what? Personal knowledge of a thing doesn’t make you an expert… John Nelsen has been on the Reynolds School Board for years but still failed in his duties to oversee the financial workings of the district and superintendent he helped hire. Hell, I can line up East County citizens around the block who, if we compared tax returns, have paid more than John, but they STILL wouldn’t favor a sales tax as more fair or better for Oregonians. Nope, I’ll vote Kahl on this issue, thanks!

    Oh, and by the way, if you are male, I expect that you will NEVER voice an opinion about abortion, because, to paraphrase your comment above “what the hell would you know about abortion? You’ve never been or can be pregnant.”

  • J. Rodriguez

    Actually a sales tax is the most fair and therefore progressive of all taxes if it exempts food. The wealthy will pay a larger share of their take home pay with a sales tax than an income tax. So will tax cheats.

    It captures consumption including black markets and cannot be gamed by tax attorneys and accountants. If you spend money you get taxed. The wealthy spend the same percentage of their income unless they are reinvesting that money to create more jobs and more wealth here at home.

    Regardless of your logical flaw Ms. Harmon your facts about John Nelsen are even further off.

    There is no way that John Nelsen is for a tax increase. You know this and are lieing. Your posts and website are ethically challenged smears. You are taking his statements WAAAAAYY out of context and you know it. Your just preying that this sticks because your candidate Nick Kahl is so sorry that he can’t win without cheating, lieing, and machine political help.

    John Nelsen was asked at a public forum if he would support a sales tax. John Nelsen answered ONLY IF it completely replaced Oregon’s current Income Tax. He was for a sales tax over an income tax because it is more transparent and restricts government to live within it’s means (unlike our income tax system where the Democrats perpetually are trying to socially engineer the tax code every election cycle).

    Your candidate on the other hand said on camera to Willamette Week that he was for higher business taxes in Oregon, wants to outlaw petroleum fuels, and believes that the public employee unions didn’t get enough from Oregon’s budget last Legislative session.

    Its also worth noting.

    The word out here in East County is that his only support seems to start at the East Bank Saloon in Downtown Portland which then buses his urban supporters out to East County. Beyond these urban guerilla efforts he’s campaign is nothing but public employee union money.

  • Ms Mel Harmon

    Nelsen said he’s for sales taxes…this is documented on video and was seen and heard by everyone attending the event. It’s a fact, not a smear, although I don’t expect a Nelsen acolyte to acknowledge that fact. Also, Nelsen himself stated that “I have not signed a ‘no new tax pledge.’ That would be unreasonable for me.”
    (Oregonian, Sept 27, 2008). Seriously, if Nelsen wants people to say he’s opposed to taxes, he needs to stop saying the opposite.

    We could debate sales taxes vs income or property taxes until the cows come home….we could both cite experts and writings and polls for our side….but this isn’t about which tax would be better….this is about whether Nelsen stated he was for sales taxes. He did. Unless he wishes to retract the statement, he’ll have to deal with the fallout.

    I don’t know where you are hearing this “word” in East County about Nick’s campaign and I’d love to have you name names as to who is misguiding you so badly so I could set them straight, but let me at least give you some info….Nick’s campaign office is located in Troutdale. Nick was raised in East County and went to East County Schools and lives in East County. Yes, Nick has the support of public employee unions, not a shock since he supports unions. By the way, Nelsen is always touting his two union endorsements, so you might want to back off slamming union endorsements. Remember, your Republican candidate is trying to run as a friend to Democrats, so you can’t slam either side without slamming him. Tricky, huh?

    Oh, and two more things—

    1. “Preying”? I think you meant “Praying”. Homonyms are so confusing, aren’t they?

    2. “Lieing” is actually spelled “Lying”. Dictionaries and Spell-Check are your friends….use them.

    You’re welcome!

    • Lori R

      Ms Harmon, clearly you are passionate about Nick Kahl. John Nelsen did not say he was going to Salem to implement a Sales Tax. Watch the video again. I did not know anything about Nick until I attended a forum where he (attempted) to speak. He may have lived in East County for some time but has no clue about raising a family here. Rather than taking Arabic, he should have invested in Speech classes. He still may want to if he is going to be an attorney. He comes across very unprofessional. I also went to his website. If he tries to do some of the things he says he is going to do, wow, this State is in big trouble. Forcing all Doctors to accept Medicare patients will leave us with no Doctors, at least no good Doctors. Taxing businesses at a higher rate will run them out of State also. Great, vote for Nick Kahl so we have no Doctors and no jobs. Sounds like a winner to me!

  • J. Rodriguez

    Ms. Harmon,

    And I say I’m for taxes IF they are spent efficiently on what liberal politicians promise they will be spent on without graft.

    As you can see that is a BIG IF that will never be achieved in Oregon. As was the BIG IF put forward for John Nelsen. That he would HYPOTHETICALLY support a sales tax ONLY IF it took the complete place of our current income tax.

    What you are doing is lying. Regardless of how I spell it your a liar and know it. You are unethically twisting his words. You also aren’t worth the time to spell check.

    John Nelsen is not for a sales tax. John Nelsen will not sponsor a sales tax if elected. John Nelsen did not propose this as a policy idea it was in response to what now looks to be an obvious unethical trap by the Nick Kahl campaign.

    Oh yeah… Also worth mentiong.

    Nick Kahl lived the majority of his adult professional life (that would be the life where he paid his own rent an held a job) in New Mexico. After a reasonably long stint of unemployment he moved home to live between his mother and brother’s houses. Eventually it looks like he entered Law School after he spent a little time studying Arabic in a formal emersion program.

    Nick Kahl does not only support unions. He stated clearly in the Willamette Week interview that he thought the public employee unions (this differing from just unions in general) did not get enough out of the legislature. He would pay them more and would balance this expense by raising taxes on business.

    That was clearly what Nick Kahl stated. That isn’t taken out of context.

    In closing. Nick Kahl is in essence bought and paid for by Public Employee Unions. You obviously are probably a participator of the buy off.


    • Brian R

      Nick Kahl is in favor of raising the $10.00 Corporate Minimum Tax. He is not in favor of raising taxes on small local businesses. I believe that he is right on in this account. Why the hell should you or I pay more taxes than a multi million, or even billion dollar corporation? There is obvious proof that Nelsen did talk about favoring a sales tax. Whether this was taken out of context or not, I’m not sure, but this is politics where those kind of things happen. Nelsen’s ad about Kahl was also misleading trying to connect Kahl to a grocery bag tax (which Kahl has never even mentioned, let alone supported), and connecting Kahl to Portland Mayor elect, Adams (who has not endorsed Kahl). Again, this is politics. It may not be right, but seems to be par for the course. Let me remind you that Nelsen was the first to start the negativity in this campaign.

      Furthermore, you sight Kahl’s lack of work experience as making him unfit to represent District 49. I’m not saying that Kahl has a lack of work experience, but even if he does, is a lack of experience worse than a long track record of being a failure at your position as Nelsen is at the Reynolds School District? Nelsen blames the current budget crisis on the Superintendent, but he is on the board that was responsible for hiring that person, and on the same board that is in charge of overseeing the budget. Perhaps he should be willing to take some of the blame.

  • Brian R.

    I forgot to ask why supporting employee’s unions is seen as a negative thing. Why is it wrong to support groups that are trying to protect the rights of working people?

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