Mystery Cargo

So I’m driving up US 97 just north of Redmond when I get stuck behind this HUGE tractor trailer complete with front and rear escort trucks. I can’t tell what the load is becuase it’s covered with that white plastic shrink wrap stuff. At first I think it’s a windmill power head, but as it rounds a turn I see how long it is and realize that it is too long to be a windmill powerhead. After several miles I finally get a change to pass this obstruction and as I pass I realize what it is.

What is it that’s ticking off every northbound motorist on US 97?
What is is that requires the largest trailer I’ve ever seen and it’s own motorcade to move?
What is it that requires this 5 gallons per mile traffic obstruction to get where it’s going?

A streetcar headed for Portland. I kid you not. You can’t make this stuff up.