Pre VP Debate predictions

Tonight is the big Vice Presidential debate (You can watch it at the VP Debate Party — Oregon Executive Club Shilo Inn, Portland Airport, 5:00pm). Here are some questions that need to be answered.

What are your predictions?
What does each candidate have to do?
Who will perform the best?
Will sexism play a role in the debate?

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  • John Fairplay

    Palin could prove to be a better debater then Daniel Webster, Biden could publicly surrender half-way through the debate, Ifill could announce on the air that Palin’s performance was so outstanding she’s going to write about her rather than Obama – and the MSM will still anoint Biden the winner.

  • Anonymous

    Yes of course, regardless of what happens, Palin is dumb as a moose and Biden won.
    Fortunately the the debate is actually going to be televised.

    So the left’s gutter politics premptive caricature of Palin and the debate only serves as much as the actual debate allows.

    • Reper

      I do not think you knock out an incumbent twice by being dumb.
      Sound smart to me.

  • Alan

    Anything can happen. There ARE no predictions.

    It is all an open field.

    • Hilo

      Sure there are predictions. Everyone expects great restraints. The candidates are well versed and well trained to not say anything unscripted. I think you will see that play out tonigt.

  • dean

    Biden will know a lot more about what matters, and Palin will be more likeable and photogenic. For her sake, since she should have a long life in front of her, she had better not come across sounding like an over confident, under knowledge equipped parody of herself. The day after McCain selected her I said I thought this would turn out badly for him, her, and her family. Tonight is her best chance to regain some public dignity and salvage her longer term future, if not this election, which I suspect is lost no matter what she says or does.

    Alternatively, she can hope Biden stumbles over his own tongue and becomes the next days news. Its been known to happen.

    • Larry

      “The day after McCain selected her I said I thought this would turn out badly for him, her, and her family.”

      Yes. And of course, you were right. You are always right. And you can ignore the 40% who like Palin, and just hang out with the 40% who hate her, and you will be 100% right.

      You are like that little liberal woman on Park Avenue in Manhattan, who said: “How did W win, nobody I know voted for him?”.

      “Tonight is her best chance to regain some public dignity and salvage her longer term future, if not this election, which I suspect is lost no matter what she says or does.”

      Yes, so true. She is a lost case, and has been 15 minutes after McCain picked her. She is lost because she is conservative, did not abort that reject child of hers, and because she believes in Jesus Christ.

      Just like Ronald Reagan was also an idiot. Without any public dignity. No long term future, Ronnie Raygun was a washed up actor who became Governor before he tried to run for President and became a washed up has been Gov.

      No matter what Reagan said or did. Even becoming a two term President did not salvage his long term future (with idiot liberals at least), right dean?

      • dean

        In the retrospect of 20 years, particularly after the Bush disaster, Reagan looks like an absolute administrative genuis, pragmatic, and a peacenick to me. I can’t speak for the entire left.

        Palin’s conservative politics are no big deal. I don’t think she is more conservative than the average Republican these days on issues other than abortion. She laid a huge tax increase on oil and gas companies, which conservatives do not talk much about. Romney, Thompson and Huckabee are just as conservative as she is, maybe more so.

        Obama and Biden are both Christians, so I’ll let that one slide. I don’t know anyone who says, thinks, or has written that she should have aborted any of her kids. I think the point is she made her choice, good for her. Now let other girls and women make their own choices and don’t force them to bear children they don’t want or can’t afford.

        Palin’s problem is she is out of her depth and way out of her comfort zone. She knows Alaska issues well enough. She appears to have thought, and McCain appears to have thought, that it was only a short step from Alaska to the rest of the nation and world, but if you have ever been to Alaska you would know it is a long way from everywhere….even Russia, or at least the part of Russia that matters. She jumped the proverbial que before she did her homework.

        Yes, 40% or so like her. Nearly 30% still like George Bush. As the Scott’s say, “There’s nay queerer than folk laddie.”

  • Hilo

    I predict Palin will do great. She is prepared and ready just as she was in Alaska. She works great with the public and will be great tonight!

  • Ann

    What Sara did in her state is something that needs to be done in Washington.

    Dont expect her to be a wonk, she isn’t.

    She is a reformer.

    • Charlie L

      Oh good. Sarah is going to do more political bullying and cronyism in Washington, just like she did in Alaska? Wow, we haven’t had enough of THAT yet.

      • Ann

        What you call bullying, some would call leadership.

        She cut taxes, eliminated waste, and worked with sides of the chamber. Her success rate is clear.

        Women can be tough tough too and that does not make them a bully.

        • Charlie L

          Firing people because they won’t perform your illegal acts is bullying.

          And if she didn’t have anything to hide, she wouldn’t be pulling the Cheney/Bush trick of refusing to testify before her REPUBLICAN committees.

          But it’s OK. You folks are Republicans, so I know you have your own set of facts and create your own reality, and we just get to live in it.

        • Chris

          When Margaret Thacther changed Great Britian they said the same thing. In fact the Parliment would chant the B-word during speeches. Thatcher prevailed, but she was always viewed differently.

          Thatcher could not privitize state industries like oil, and reduce taxes without a fight. These are fighst worth having. Sara has done the same.

          • Charlie L

            Oh yummy. I can’t wait.

            And I really look forward to having a person in the White House who thinks that rights she agrees are enshrined in the Constitution should be allowed to be arbitrated and limited by the individual states according to their own ideas.

            I must have misunderstood what that “recent unpleasantness” was about.

  • Mr. prediction

    Don’t expect Mr. Biden to make any errors.

    Many of his errors are beceuase he either spoke when the cameras were off (like the coal comment) or when the camera lets him speak too long. The debate format gives him the no room to stick his foot in his mouth. I think Bien will do well.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    I expect at least one really hilarious gaff from Biden. Frankly

    In his introductory statement Biden will self deprecate with a joke about Ifill’s wheel chair asking her to please not get up, making light of his gaff about a month ago.

    Palin will be likeable. If there is any sense in the McCain campaign she will go offense right out of the gate and hammer Biden and the Dems on the current mess. I doubt that will happen though, this is the stupid party after all.

    There will probably be a pretty eloquent closing statement from Biden, if he can time limit himself this is where he can excel.

    Given that Ifill is about as totally unbiased as one could get, I expect she will ask Palin for her closing statement but also offer her a chance that instead of a free form closing statement, perhaps she would like to use her two minutes to derive Maxwell’s equations using only F=ma and V=IR as givens. I expect Plain will take her up on this not only successfully deriving the equations, but also giving a brief history on their impact on the study of physics in the modern era in the final 30 seconds.

    The closing commentators will then wind up the debate coverage chuckling at Biden’s self deprecation, and lauding him for being aware of his faults. Palin will be commented on for her wardrobe, and whether or not she is really capable of being vice president. The New York Times and Washington post will editorialize tomorrow that Palin is clearly not capable of understanding the complications of the economy and incompetent to be vice president.

    • Charlie L

      If she doesn’t stab herself in the eye with a pen she wins the lowered expectations game outright.

      However, tonight would be ONE time she would be wise to avoid her usual lies, or “folksy mis-statements” as her supporters like to call them.

      The media might actually be forced to FACT CHECK the candidate and NOT let the idiocy and lies slide under the radar as they are wont to do.

    • Tim Lyman

      “use her two minutes to derive Maxwell’s equations using only F=ma and V=IR as givens”

      I may be the only person who gets this, but, as a former high school electronics geek, it’s hilarious!

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    Yeah, my favourite so far is ABC news reporting that Palin has no debating experience. I guess they missed the fact that she was a governor and that C-Span televised her 2006 governors debate recently. My bad for confusing ABC news with a news organization. Basically Biden will have to physically assault either Ifill or Palin for him to be declared maybe possibly not the winner. I’m not even sure Biden will show up. I mean lets face it, he could send in a cardboard cut out and the media would declare him the winner.

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