Debate Tonight: What should McCain do to reverse 6-point loss

John McCain has been dropping in the polls. A Wall Street Journal Poll has him down 6-points this week. This debate will be heavily televised based upon the day of the week and the follow-up to the 70 million that watched the historic VP debate last week.

This debate could make or break John McCain. When in front of 50+ million viewers, what should McCain do to make his once-in-a-lifetime point?

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  • Provo Nova

    I expect him tobring up Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright.

    But it wont work.

  • dean

    He needs to convince 50% plus one of Americans, well distributed in battleground states, that the mild mannered, cool under fire Senator Obama is actually a Muslim terrorist communist who belonged to a whitey hating Christian church for 20 years, will take guns away from hunters, and force us all to ride bicycles and live in drabby Soviet style apartment buildings. That could work.

    • Steve Plunk


      Trolling doesn’t become you. How about posting something more mature and worthy of our reading?

      McCain needs to point to character issues going into a difficult time. Obama is not a terrorist but he is not tough on terrorists. His association with known haters of the American way of life is material to his character and his contempt for small town Americans clinging to their religion and guns. The elitist nature of Obama condemns him to never trusting the average citizen.

      McCain’s economic focus should be on Obama’s anti business tax plans. It makes no sense to raise taxes on some of the most productive citizens. The socialist roots of Obamas mentors will never allow him to respect business as the good it does.

      McCain also needs to point out Obamas record of liberalism versus his record of conservatism and bipartisanship on certain issues. America does not want a liberal President.

      This is not about Obamas race or religion. It’s about his lack of faith and respect for America through his liberal ideas and policy. It’s about his inexperience and lack of record. It’s about his cult of personality instead of actual policies. It’s about his hiding from who he actually is in order to win the election.

      John McCain is hiding nothing while his opponent is hiding everything.

    • Anonymous

      “…the mild mannered, cool under fire Senator Obama…”

      That’s what smokin’ all that ganja will do for ya…

      …or was that snortin’ blow?

      The somnolent Obamster hasn’t been “under fire” yet – not from the MSM, at least. The McCain campaign has only begun to fight and the next few weeks wil show us just how “cool” that amateur hack from the Chicago machine really is.

      One thing you can say about the MSM, they can smell blood in the water from quite a distance. If McCain or Palin score a hit below the waterline, those sharks will be circling in a heartbeat.

    • Rupert in Springfield

      And with that, you clearly take the title as probably the most racist person I have ever encountered, r/l or cyberland.

      What in the hell was going through your head before you wrote this?

      I would strongly advise you to take a long look at what you write before you write it and think a little bit about what it says about you. I can assure you, with this comment it comes across as particularly ugly.

      This kind of racialism has no place in reasonable discourse. Maybe your friends excuse it and clap along, but its ugliness is on full display here.

      I don’t know where you picked up the idea that this sort of thing is cool, or funny, or insightful in any manner, but I can assure you that in any crowd outside of whatever sort of gaping mouthed insect skims along the surface of a stagnant sewer for nourishment, it is appalling.

  • Crawdude

    I think I’ll agree with Nova on this one. What he needs to do is hammer on the economy, have a plan to fix it ( though its not possible, most Americans keep themselves niave enoughh to think it is).

    Enough of the sound bites, he needs to really come out hard on the economy! Its the economy stupid! He doesn’t inspire, people want to be inspired. You don’t have to tell the truth, you just have to get them fired up about the lie.

    I said once that this race was McCains to lose, hes doing just that. His campaign is floundering now, just like his did in the early part of the primary.

  • Anonymous

    McCain needs to promise voters that his admin. will make sure heads will roll. Both in the private sector and elected officals.

    And he could send Palin to sub for him.

  • Alan

    Big ideas. That is the only thing that will cut through the haze.

  • Dave A.

    Whoever MCain’s handlers are; they have been doing a very poor job of selling him to middle America. He should have been biting Obama’s head off on economic policies starting way back in August. It sounds like McCain’s campaign is doing too little too late. I am starting to resign myself to four years of a “Carter II” type administration; complete with numerous financial and policy blunders.

  • Tim Lyman

    “it’s the economy stupid.”

    McCain has to tie the mortgage meltdown to the Democrats and Democrat policies that created it. Period. If he can’t do this, he’s sunk.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    McCain has to wake up.

    “Russian peacekeepers”????????

    He could have won right there.

    Obama saying “Russian peacekeepers” was a Gerald Ford “I will tolerate no Soviet troops in Poland” moment.

    He could have had it, but instead all we got is more “my friends”

    I think we are looking at fours years of Obama.


    You are out of a job, you need some work? don’t have enough money to buy stocks?

    Trust me, get a bunch of shirts with an Obama head printed on it with the words “I dunno” written below it. You are going to be hearing that phrase for the next four years coming January,

    Bill Ayers? …. I dunno

    Rev. Wright?….. I dunno

    “Hey Obama, now that the Iranians are testing missiles without the aid of Photoshop because you just found out their president lied to you in that meeting without preconditions, what are you going to do?”

    “I dunno”

    “Hey Obama, the Israelis think you don’t know, so they are fueling their jets, our satellites just picked up hot spots on all their military airbases, what are you going to do”

    “well, I inherited that problem, George Bush is the one who sold them those high penetrator bombs”

    “Charlie Gibson, Andrea Mitchell, what do you have to say about that?”

    “Well, President Obama is right, he did inherit the problem, its not his fault, he inherited all of this from George Bush”

    “Yeah, but hey, Charlie Gibson, President Obama, that doesn’t really mean a lot right now, the fact is the Israelis are warming up their jets because they dont think “I dunno” isn’t really cutting the chutzpah. What? You think they are going on a beer run? What are you going to do? I mean talking nice nice didn’t work so well, The baklava is really hitting the fan now. President Obama, what are you going to do?”

    “I dunno”

    Its a theme.

    Odds are 10 – 1 at this point we will be experiencing that until 2012.

    You want to double down?

    Figure out a line drawing that will be evocative of the middle east and then put a big mushroom cloud over it. You can re-use the screen from the previous “I dunno” silk screen and put it below.

    Alternatively, just print out a shirt with a dead dog lying down on its back, feet up in the air with X’s in its eyes that says “Republican who gave up, it’s all up to President Obama now” underneath it.

    Sorry to be so negative. However always cheerful and ever full of hope I have an alternative. Does anyone out their have McCain’s phone number?

    “Hi, Senator McCain? Yes, this is Rupert…… I know it would be embarrassing to put me on your list of advisors, I understand that Senator…………yes, and best to your wife too, I only hope my circumstances on the hottie front are as yours in that regard when I am of equivalent age… so anyway John, is it really John or are you ok with it if I call you Jack, not in the insulting way but more in the Kennady way?…. yes. ok, sorry, Senator….. ok good, that’s ok….Now Senator, at this stage of the game the only thing I can tell you is …. WAKE UP…… You are running for president, are you unaware of this?….. ok, you didn’t get that? ….OK … this is the job you have kind of tried out for every four years since forever GOT IT?…. would you please get on the ball and stop looking like a gym teacher who is nervous about giving his first sex ed talk to the JV team back when gym teachers gave sex ed talks?…… oh, you don’t like my tone Senator? … geee, Im really sorry about that, Ill tell you what rest assured you wont be getting quite so many angry phone calls in the future you want to know why?……..because has-been Senators from Arizona, don’t get as many calls as the President of the United States. …. Got it? …. Good… Yes… I am hanging up on you Senator….. No, that’s right… I’m hanging up on you, yoi dont hang up on me…. Yeah, figure it out I am hanging up on you with the same vehemence that I hang up on someone when I call tech support from some inane software company… Yes, its that kind of hang up.. oh what is that Senator?… Oh you think I am getting all fancy on you using big words like vehemance?… you know what Jack, why dont you take a ittle bit of the anger you feel towards me and maybe try and work with it Jack, and dont get all cranky at me because I am the one person on the planet who pronounces the W in towards……Yeah, that’s right Jack, same to you…. Jack”

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