What to make of the President’s border plan

The President crossed the border into television’s sweeps week to announce his plan to send National Guard Troops to the border (transcript here). Governor Kulongoski criticized the plan as taking away our troops from fighting local forest fires and finding Osama Bin Laden. The Oregonian Editorial Board liked the plan. Lars Larson jumped in through his NW Reports saying the plan is flawed for the bad policies he is trying to include in it. (And for the real news junkies you can’t forget to include CNN’s botched coverage of the speech).

Your comments and input needed to sort through this big television speech and its myriad of reactions.

  • Bad Man

    How do you deport 12 million ILLEGALS? One at a time. Bush’s plan is flawed from the start by simply allowing these ILLEGALS to remain here. They all need to be rooted out and deported. In addition, I heard little about punishment for emplyers of ILLEGALS. These people need to be fined heavily and the workers deported at once. Last but not least, the entire joke of giving American citizenship to babies born to ILLEGALS must be needs to be terminated at once.

  • scat cat pdx

    As one who holds out rights are given by God to all people not to free form coercion by government. It is not illegal to be in this country, it is not illegal to engage trade with an immigrant. In trade include commerce and a job. There is no such thing as communal property in America. We the people do not own America nor have a license to infringe on the rights of others. It we individual own property and our own lives in America; therefore the Mexican as an individual have every right to come and seek employment and betterment of his’ and hers’ life. I have every right to be free to engage in trade with the Mexican. If I want to provide the Mexican a job it is my right to do so. America is not ruled by mob rule. The 60% of conservative statist have no right to tell me or any person who we can support because mobs or any group does not any rights. Only individuals do. The only fair and way to protector rights is a free and open border and abolishment of the welfare state. Bush speech is the right direction but does not go far enough.

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  • I’ve got a roundup

    Two things worked for me.

    First… the executive branch doesn’t have to wait for legislation and Bush spent the first half of the speech saying what he was going to do and what he’s done.

    Second… Bush avoided all the annoying apologistic catch phrases and listed what I hope are the minimum requirements he will accept from Congress.

    That works for me too.

    And for all the criticism… CNN says

    79 percent of those who watched had a very favorable or favorable view of the speech, and those who support the president’s policies rose in number from 42 to 67 percent.

    But… the money and the activists demonstrate that
    (D)emocrats want Illegals to provide the votes Americans Won’t!