Rate the Smith-Merkley Debate

KGW featured the first debate between US Senate candidates Gordon Smith and Jeff Merkley.

Best unique lines:
Gordon Smith: Spoke on how he sponsored over 100 bills putting him in the top 90% of most effective Senators.
Jeff Merkley: Spoke on how Gordon Smith voted to cancel Ron Wyden’s vote 1700 times.

BEST THEME: Was the taxes. Gordon Smith kept listing the taxes Merkley voted for, income tax, gas tax, sales tax, small businesses, etc. Taxes was a sore spot for Merkley despite his constant telling the audience he was in favor of a tax cut.

MOST UNUSUAL MOMENT: The boy behind the news panel who kept making faces.

What did you think?

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  • Don

    I didn’t know Sarah Palin was the Governor of CA but Smith said she was…

    • Marcia Denison

      That’s because of the Palin’s Valley Girl jargon, an understandable error.

      • Nova

        No. Maybe Alaska just bought California’s debt and is now taking foreclosure ownership of the state. Replacing the California bear flag with a polar bear flag.

  • Marcia Denison

    Merkley was very energetic. Smith was very slow. We need fresh new energy that doesn’t cancel out Wyden’s votes half the time and slide over to big oil on environmental and tax loop hole issues. Smith didn’t decide to be against the “occupation” of Iraq until the year before his campaign. It didn’t bother him until over 3,000 service men and women and 2/3 of a million civilians had been killed. Smith still funds Bush’s “endless war” while claiming to be against it. It takes more that idle words. *Oregon wants peace and prosperity for a change. We want Merkley!*

    • Josh Reynolds


      Can you put the talking points down and let’s hear your actual opinion. You are insulting most folks intelligence on this blog, even those that would probaby agree with you.

    • Anonymous

      How’s that 501c3 scam going Marcia? Still conning people into donating money to “wildlife protection” so that you can spend it on yourself?

    • Zambara

      The only change that we’ll get under obama is the 2 cents that our opinions won’t be worth.

  • Anonymous


    Are you kidding me. Merkley dodged almost every question. He stumpled on all is words and didn’t speak clearly. Merkley clearly had no idea no fedral issues and it sound more like an Obama comerical.

    The only good news for Oregonians is that Merkley will no longer be the Speaker of the House.

    Gordon won this debate hands down

    • Alan

      Dodging questions is an important part of being a Senator.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Frankl;y the only reason to keep Smith in the senate at all is if he would cancel out Wydens votes half the time. I remember when he first ran people were saying it was pointless, why send someone to DC just to cancel out Wydens.

    Since Smith has nothing left to recommend him, frankly I think he should revert to this, his strongest selling point.

    • Frank Palmrose

      Smith’s comment on cutting taxes for everyone in Oregon is wrong. My taxes have increased.

  • Martha

    I’m voting for Dave Brownlow. I couldn’t care less which one of these clowns “won” the farce umm debate my candidate was excluded from.

  • Stephan Andrew Brodhead for Congress

    Merkley needs to go to jail for not declaring over $100,000 in rental unit payments that he didnt pay taxes on or declare.


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