Rep. Bruun sues over false campaign mailers

[Oregon House press release]

Oregon City -Rep. Scott Bruun (R-West Linn), a highly regarded Republican moderate, today filed suit against his opponent Michelle Eberle, and the House Democratic Campaign Committee (Future PAC) for repeated false mailers directed at him.

Rep. Bruun’s attorney said Eberle and Future PAC have repeatedly and falsely claimed that Bruun’s opposition to abortion includes cases of rape, incest, or danger to the mother. Rep. Bruun’s voting record and his public position has been clear that he doesn’t oppose abortion in such cases.

According to the lawsuit, the attorney said Eberle and Future PAC have continued to make these false statements, even after legal counsel for Bruun sent a demand letter informing them of their incorrect statements and insisting that they cease and desist from such statements.

“It is clear that these people will do anything to win, including making blatantly false statements, even in the face of demand letters pointing out the falsehoods,” said Matt Lowe, one of the attorneys for Rep. Bruun. “At some point, a person like Rep. Bruun, an honest man of principle and conviction, cannot stand by and let lies go unchallenged.”

“They are purposely attempting to mislead female voters, and they are fabricating sources to make people think these statements are true,” Rep. Bruun said. “I am hugely surprised and disappointed in her that she would allow such misrepresentations to be sent to voters on such a sensitive issue.”