Rep. Bruun sues over false campaign mailers

[Oregon House press release]

Oregon City -Rep. Scott Bruun (R-West Linn), a highly regarded Republican moderate, today filed suit against his opponent Michelle Eberle, and the House Democratic Campaign Committee (Future PAC) for repeated false mailers directed at him.

Rep. Bruun’s attorney said Eberle and Future PAC have repeatedly and falsely claimed that Bruun’s opposition to abortion includes cases of rape, incest, or danger to the mother. Rep. Bruun’s voting record and his public position has been clear that he doesn’t oppose abortion in such cases.

According to the lawsuit, the attorney said Eberle and Future PAC have continued to make these false statements, even after legal counsel for Bruun sent a demand letter informing them of their incorrect statements and insisting that they cease and desist from such statements.

“It is clear that these people will do anything to win, including making blatantly false statements, even in the face of demand letters pointing out the falsehoods,” said Matt Lowe, one of the attorneys for Rep. Bruun. “At some point, a person like Rep. Bruun, an honest man of principle and conviction, cannot stand by and let lies go unchallenged.”

“They are purposely attempting to mislead female voters, and they are fabricating sources to make people think these statements are true,” Rep. Bruun said. “I am hugely surprised and disappointed in her that she would allow such misrepresentations to be sent to voters on such a sensitive issue.”


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  • Jerry

    If you can’t win honestly, you have to cheat, but you must win. That is the motto of the Dems.

  • Britt Storkson

    You think that’s bad? I’m running for a seat on the Wasco Electric Co-op (The Dalles) board of directors and Wasco Electric sent a letter to all 3000+ ratepayers (at ratepayer expense) defaming and impugning me, the challenger. I’ll send a copy of the letter they sent on request.

    • Crawdude

      If they truly defamed you then sue them like Bruun is doing. If you win the suit, spend the money by targeting current members each election until the board is cleared of these dishonest members.

  • Clackamette

    It’s kinda funny how Scott Bruun keeps claiming he’s a moderate, even though he cannot dispute the many sources that Michele Eberle and Future PAC have cited. He notes what he said in one Willamette Week interview last month (when he realized he’s in jeopardy of defeat) and ignores his several specific votes and candidate surveys from the last four years.

    Nice try, Scotty, but no cigar.

    • Anonymous

      Nice try, but when the Willy Week sides with a Republican you KNOW the Democrat is lying.

  • Jason W.

    Even the Willamette Week agrees.

    Lying Candidates Alert: House Dem Hopeful Swings Low

  • Bugs

    So besides Bruun’s dramatic reversal at the recent Willamette Week editorial board, where is the evidence that refutes his years of anti-choice votes and positions?

  • Clackamette

    Scott Bruun reminds me of John McCain.

    They both have records of extremism. They both have bad votes they are trying to run away from. They both are trying to create a complete political makeover of themselves.

    And they are both going to be defeated in November.

  • Blumagoo Fromage

    While Eberle has a history of lying, Bruun does not.

    Whether you agree with either one’s opinion on abortion, we should consider local issues that impact the community in such an election, since either one’s say in Salem will hardly affect Roe v. Wade.

    Bruun has many supporters who know him from within the community. Eberle may have her pals in the West Linn contingent, who mostly make up the Board of Directors of her non-profit, but she has quite a few enemies, as well.

    We don’t need any more blatantly lying, playing dirty candidates.

  • Catalyst Editor

    The last comment was deleted. OC does not permit obscenities in comments.

  • Bugs


    Again, please tell us specifically HOW Eberle has lied. She has carefully documented every criticism of Bruun with his own votes, statements, and candidate questionnaires.

    By contrast, Bruun thinks his one statement in Willy Week last month (when he realized he was in deep electoral trouble) should cancel out all his prior extreme votes and positions. It doesn’t work that way.

    Show us your alleged evidence!

    • Crawdude

      Though I seldom comment to Blue Oregon drones like yourself and crackamette, I must point out that the answer to your question is in the WW article.

      Their headline says it all, you must’ve missed that when you got your orders from your Blue Oregon masters.

    • Blumagoo Fromage

      The reason I know she is lying (or the political action committee who allegedly sent them out without her knowledge), is because Bruun explained his position on abortion clearly, right in front of Eberle, so she should understand what it is, if she remembers clearly.
      What I was actually referring to was her history of lying, which I know I did not state specific examples of, but I am a previous employee of hers, and she lies and stretches the truth all the time. For example, I was told that she would continue my health insurance for two months after I was “laid off”, but I did not get this in writing, and my health insurance was cancelled right after I left. Many of Eberle’s employees are “laid off” to placate them so they won’t speak out about her horrible and oppressive management style.
      As well as hoping that voters learn the truth about Eberle, I also wish Clackamas Women’s Services could have better leadership, because the staff turnover there is ridiculous, and services for families affected by domestic violence are much needed in Clackamas County.
      If you have any questions about Eberle’s integrity, ask any of her former employees, and you will probably hear some horror stories…

  • anon

    The attacks on Bruun are laughable. I don’t get liberals. Do a dozen hit pieces suddenly make his opponent credible with voters? If so, we have a sad state of affairs in this state.

  • Clackamette


    YOU should read the Willamette Week article. There is NO evidence there backing up Bruun’s claims.

    WW only references the one statement last month when Scott Bruun tried to shed his years of ardent opposition to abortion. One statement to WW doesn’t eliminate his years of votes and positions.

    Try again…

  • Jack Roberts

    Clackamette, can you cite a single vote Bruun cast that opposed abortion even in cases of rape, incest or danger to the mother?

  • DarePDX

    I love the above pushing us to prove a negative. Well I will prove it for you.

    Rep. Bruun has not pulled an Oregon Right to Life endorsement or any other pro-life endorsement. The mailer bringing this law suit from Bruun says several things. First of all that he was endorsed by several pro-life groups which would not endorse him because he is not an “ardent opposer” of abortion.

    THe mailers claiming that Bruun was a Pro-Life Extremist and against stem cell research are false. You know they are false so stop your trolling.

  • Bugs

    Revisionist history yet again!

    Scott Bruun cast THE deciding vote in 2007 to kill the only stem cell research bill in Oregon. He was the vote that killed it. Had he voted “yes”, the bill would have passed.

    Has he now changed his mind on that issue as well, recognizing this now-certain electoral defeat?

    • Anonymous

      Get to bed at a decent hour and maybe you won’t be so delusional.

    • Bug Spray

      Bruun was not the deciding vote. Betty Komp was the deciding vote. Your misleading spin is just to distract us from the fact that Eberle has no merit to run on.

  • Bugs

    Scott Bruun can’t have it both ways.

    EVERY legislator who voted against the stem cell legislation needs to be held accountable for killing that measure. If Bruun had voted yes, the bill would have passed. But he voted NO and it died.

    Bad vote on his part, and he’ll have the accept the consequences from voters.

    • Bugs Spray

      It died because it was bad legislation and your D’s didn’t have the votes.

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