Lars Larson on ACORN Las Vegas

Barack Obama’s ACORN connection and the voter fraud they may have been up to.

Barack Obama is connected to ACORN. You know, that community organizing group that supposedly goes out and signs people up to vote and then tries to help find them housing.

Two years ago, in Washington State, ACORN was connected with an attempt to defraud the Washington State voting system with a thousand fraudulent voter registrations. It turns out they got caught in that case and now they may have been caught again.

Tuesday, in Las Vegas, Nevada, the FBI and state officials from Nevada, the Secretary of State and the Attorney General, both who happened to be Democrats, raided the offices of ACORN.

ACORN was just about to celebrate. Registering 90,000 people to vote and then the Attorney General and Secretary of State found out that a lot of those registrations were phoney. They were NFL football player names. They were names of people who had their identity stolen and there were felons involved in doing it.

Good for the FBI. Bad for Barack Obama and ACORN.

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