Lars Larson on ACORN Las Vegas

Barack Obama’s ACORN connection and the voter fraud they may have been up to.

Barack Obama is connected to ACORN. You know, that community organizing group that supposedly goes out and signs people up to vote and then tries to help find them housing.

Two years ago, in Washington State, ACORN was connected with an attempt to defraud the Washington State voting system with a thousand fraudulent voter registrations. It turns out they got caught in that case and now they may have been caught again.

Tuesday, in Las Vegas, Nevada, the FBI and state officials from Nevada, the Secretary of State and the Attorney General, both who happened to be Democrats, raided the offices of ACORN.

ACORN was just about to celebrate. Registering 90,000 people to vote and then the Attorney General and Secretary of State found out that a lot of those registrations were phoney. They were NFL football player names. They were names of people who had their identity stolen and there were felons involved in doing it.

Good for the FBI. Bad for Barack Obama and ACORN.

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    No, not good for the FBI, bad for Obama and ACORN.

    Yes, its really great the FBI is actually going after these thugs, but if anyone thinks for three seconds that there will be the slightest media attention paid to Obama’s connection to this bunch or ACORNS behaviour itself, they have another thing coming.

    I would be willing to take bets that ACORN will still be getting federal funding one year from now, no matter who wins the White House. For some reason, and I am sure we all know what it is, there seems to be an entrenched group within the government that is intent on funding groups whose singular mission is to undermine the voting process in the United States. ACORN may differ in methods, but their mission is essentially the same as goons who stand outside the voting booth in some third world dictatorships.

    • dean

      “For some reason, and I am sure we all know what it is,…”

      Nope. Some of us don’t. Please share.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        Unfortunately that would involve an explanation, which would involve paragraphs sentences and words, which would eventually lead to a feigned loss of reading skill on your part and a rather boring scenario resulting in your eventual loss of the argument.

        Since you have started here with a dullards tool, feigned ignorance of an obvious implication, we can assume the above progression would be implemented in its usual tedious and impotent style.

        Your three tactics can be summed up as, feigned lack of reading skills, false lack of ability to understand simple references, and if all else fails, racialist tactics to impugn someone. I would have thought my comparison of you to an insect that skims a sewer surface for its nutritional value when you last attempted the latter of those methods would have made clear that I have no interest in engaging you in any of your foolishness.

        A child that uses a diaper until a late age could be said to be engaging in behaviour he finds pleasurable longer than most and simply finds no shame in his obvious immaturity. Id prefer not to be the adult in your world continually changing your diaper.

        Since the implications of the sewer insect comparison were obviously missed, hopefully the second reference will make things a little more clear.

        All the best

  • Jerry

    This Obama guy is so tied to these thugs it is not funny. He hides everything in his past. Why is he so ashamed???

    • Rupert in Springfield

      You would think that given Obama’s Nov. 2007 speech demonstrating his alliance and praise of ACORN and the fact that he sued Citibank under the now infamous CRA, such lawsuits triumphed quite publically by Janet Reno at the time, the press would give a damn. I guess somehow complicity in the greatest financial meltdown in our lifetime doesn’t have nearly the weight or import a bunch of dirty emails did from Congressman Foley two years ago.

      Obama is clearly guilty as hell in championing the government idiocy that both got us into this financial crises, and now threatens the integrity of the elections. While the lackeys in today’s media can provide cover for the duration of an election cycle, it will be very difficult to do so for an entire presidential term.

      Should the polls maintain, and Obama achieve victory, I suspect that drinking games in college frat houses will rapidly depend on the phrase “he inherited this”. It seems there is nothing the press wont excuse in this man. Inheritance works as an excuse for a week or so, then starts to sound whiney. Bill Clinton found this out in Somalia, Obama will find it out soon enough if elected.

      Obama is ashamed of much of his past, and who can blame him? We can only hope that the American people consider Obama’s associations with terrorists, racists and groups that have only the worst intentions for our country, such as ACORN, a little more carefully than the press has considered them.

      • dean

        Rupert…you managed to turn your non explanation into a personal insult. Very impressive. Am I supposed to slink away in tears now? Sorry, but my very thick and leathery Greek Chicago skin is tougher than your barbs. You’ll have to do better. And I’ll avoid returning the insult.

        ACORN is a non-profit that advocates for poor and working class people in inner cities. To the extent Obama is “associated” with them, doesn’t that by definition make him a non-elitist, since it is the elites that ACORN takes on (banks, politicians, landlords, etc)? So aren’t you having to give up the “he’s an elite” argument by focusing on his community organizing? What a tangled web!

        Have you asked yourself why it is that credit unions, which have much higher rates of loaning money to poor and working class people than banks do, have had no problems in the present financial meltdown?

        As for presidential inheritences, given what Obama is starting with, he has nowhere to go but up, virtually assuring him of a second term if he wins a first one. That will also be true if McCain manages a minor miracle in the next few weeks. Think Reagan, 1980.

        • Joey Link

          “Have you asked yourself why it is that credit unions, which have much higher rates of loaning money to poor and working class people than banks do, have had no problems in the present financial meltdown?”

          Working class, yes. Poor? absolutely not. Credit unions are much more cautious about who they lend to.

          • dean

            Joey…according to the latest available data (06), Credit Unions do indeed loan money, including mortgages, to LOW income people. Not necessarily below poverty level, but within the lowest 20% of household incomes.

            In 2006 credit unions approved 69% of LOW and MODERATE income mortgage applications, while conventional bank and S&L mortgage lenders approved only 47% low to moderate income mortgage applications. Credit Unions also approved 62% of mortgage applications from minorities, compared with 51% minority approval rate for other U.S. mortgage lenders. 25% of all credit union mortgage originations were mortgages for LOW or MODERATE income borrowers, versus a 20% low- or moderate-income borrower mortgage origination percentage for other U.S. mortgage lenders.

            Credit unions are more conservative in their lending practices in that they pay more attention to not creating loans that are outside the ability of borrowers to pay. They did not hop onto the housing bubble gravy train because they are NON PROFIT, so they did not have a bunch of yahoo investors pushing them in that direction.

            I think the credit union data proves that the attempt to blame the housing crisis on over lending to the poor due to the CRA to be false. Lending to lower income folks and minorities is not a problem as long as the amount and terms are reasonable.

          • Rupert in Springfield

            Credit unions aren’t really either working class or poor to my mind. Frankly they are simply work related. That work can be a university, such as in Eugene, or an auto plant I suppose. But I would not say they are class structured financial institutions.

            Credit Unions are also much smaller institutions than conventional, thus much less of a target for scammers like ACORN or Obama to sue under the CRA.

            The important point thing to realize is, when you have government setting a big bulls eye on banks, as now seems pretty universally acknowledged they did with the CRA, and then set up and fund groups of felons like ACORN to attack them under that act, as Janet Reno, Obama and Acorn did, you have a recipe for disaster.

          • dean

            Credit unions are not subject to the CRA, so they have no government pressure to loan to lower income folks or minorities. Yet at least in 2006 they loaned money on mortgages to minorities and lower income folks at a much higher rate than conventional banks did. So how did government pressure on banks have any role in the subprime meltdown? That is the question you need to ask yourself. I think you have been barking up the wrong tree.

  • David from Eugene

    Exactly what is the problem? ACORN may have turned in some fraudulent registration forms, but then like any other organization conducting a voter registration drive it is REQUIERD BY LAW to turn in any and all Voter’s Registration Forms it receives.

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