House GOP: Unemployment up. We have stimulus.

[From Oregon House Republicans]


SALEM”” The Oregon Employment Department today reported the state’s unemployment rate increased to 6.5 percent in August. While early estimates suggest the rate dipped slightly to 6.4 percent in September, Oregon’s unemployment rate remains above the national level. House Republicans said they remain committed to stimulating the economy, providing relief to working families, and keeping private capital within the state.

“Oregon lost 10,000 jobs in August alone, and our state is losing precious capital that could be reinvested in businesses and job creation,” said House Republican Leader Bruce Hanna (R-Roseburg). “House Republicans believe the 2009 session must be focused on stimulating the economy, reducing unemployment and giving working families relief from the financial pressures they are facing every day.”

Rep. Hanna said House Republicans will work to keep money flowing through the private economy and enable Oregonians to keep more of what they earn to help pay mortgages and meet basic needs. He said the caucus’ economic agenda differs substantially from what little ideas the Governor and his fellow Democrats have presented.

“The Democrats believe they can reverse their poor economic performance by increasing government spending, raising taxes, and approving pork-barrel projects that would mostly benefit their union supporters,” Rep. Hanna said. “On the other hand, Republicans believe in bringing fairness to Oregon’s income tax system to benefit lower-income workers and increasing the child tax credit to help all families. By putting more money back into Oregonians’ pocketbooks, we will help the scores of businesses whose sales are plummeting during this recession.”

The state reported job losses in several industrial sectors including construction ( 1,000 jobs), trade, transportation, and utilities (-3,600), financial activities (-1,300), and professional and business services (-1,400). Meanwhile, early numbers suggest government added 6,400 jobs in September. Rep. Hanna said the Legislature must help private sector industries recover by reforming Oregon’s capital gains tax rate, among the highest in the nation.

“With the current financial crisis, Oregon needs to keep as much capital within the state as it can,” Rep. Hanna said. “Under the current system, Oregon can’t complete with the dozens of states that have strategically kept their tax rates low to encourage reinvestment. To improve our state’s economy, we must encourage private investments in new construction, manufacturing and business services.”

Rep. Hanna noted that, in light of record state spending, government has consistently outperformed the private sector in job creation. He added, “It’s not surprising that as private businesses suffer, the government is experiencing a boom time. This fact demonstrates that the current Legislature’s priorities are grossly out of order.”


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  • Bugs

    Gee, why didn’t the House Republicans accomplish ANY of this during their 16-year majority rein?

  • Reper

    Governor Kitzhaber. Dr. NO remember?

    Governor Kulongoski. Dr. I don’t KNOW (where he is)

  • Anonymous

    Ever since Democrats took control of the major statewide offices, Oregon has had unemployment about 1% above the national average – even in good economic times. We’re always the first to see our unemployment go up when times get tougher and the last to see it go down when things improve.

    • Crawdude

      The predictions are for the national unemployment to 8-9% next year, I’m think Oregon will be lucky to stay under 10% with the new anti-family, anti-business liberals in charge, we’ll see though.

  • eagle eye

    Let’s hear the Republicans explain how they plan to adjust the budget to pay for their tax cuts, and then I might listen.

    Kevin Mannix has gotten initiatives on the ballot to spend quite a bit more on police and prisons. So, where do the Republicans plan to cut back in the rest of the budget to pay for this, plus their tax cuts?

    • dean

      Eagle…you keep pretending reality matters. Ideology is all that matters.

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