Election Night Shake-up!

.Many things happened last night — a bold new GOP primary pick in Ron Saxton, a stumbling out of the gate by Kulongoski, a newbie dethrones the Multnomah County Chair Daine Linn, a hotly contested Supreme Court race, incumbant Senator Charles Starr bounced out by maverick Larry George, an Erik Sten runoff, and to top it all off — wildy low voter turn-out!

OregonCatalyst appeals to the greatest minds in Oregon to comment on the results. Help us crack the mystery on why the governor candidate poll numbers turned out how they did and what this means for Oregon.

  • Marvin McConoughey

    Diane Linn’s defeat aptly reflected her sustained inept performance. I know of no worse leadership record in Oregon.

  • As I sat last night at the Monarch Hotel in Clackamas, I watched one of the most honorable men I have ever met concede his defeat to Republican challenger Ron Saxton in this years bid for Governor.

    Kevin Mannix gave a very sincere and heartfelt “thanks” to all his supporters and his campaign team, and recognized his victorious opponent with all the tact and decency many of us have come to respect about him. His unsuccessful bid for the Governor’s nomination may end his political aspirations for this cycle, but I know that the driving desire for Kevin Mannix to serve the state in another capacity will keep him involved in politics, possibly back in the grassroots side where he led the GOP for the past four years.

    Mr. Mannix had many supporters who voted for him, not out of a fear of Ron Saxton or a fundamental policy disagreement with Jason Atkinson, but for the specific reason that we know Kevin personally, and trust him implicitly. My vote for Kevin Mannix was not a protest vote, and I assure you that it was not easy to oppose any of the candidates in this primary.

    I voted for Kevin because I knew enough about his experience and intellect to trust that if elected Governor, he would have been a tremendous force for change in Salem.

    Seeing him concede his loss last night made me a little sad, but only for him personally. I know that it must be very difficult to lose an important election, especially when he came so close to winning the General election against Ted Kulongoski in 2002…

    I am writing this post to serve one main purpose; demonstrate to Kevin Mannix that many of us are glad he gave it his all. His candidacy forced the discussion of important issues in the state, and he offered some great solutions to our state’s problems that I hope Mr. Saxton will seriously consider implementing once he beats Teddy K in November.

    All things considered, I know that my sympathy for Kevin personally will not deter me from working for Mr. Saxton, and doing all that I can to see him elected as Governor in November. I know he will be a fantastic Governor, and I know he is going to keep his word and “clean house” in all the state agencies and bureaus…

    I would encourage all my fellow former-Mannix supporters and supporters of Jason Atkinson to do what I am doing. Instead of holding a grudge, or feeling too melancholy about a loss; just swallow your pride, eat some crow, and get back to work.

    Please join me in congratulating Ron Saxton on his victory in the Primary

    Ron Saxton can and will be Governor in 2006, if we all decide to put him there. He will be well funded and work very hard to get there, but he can’t do it without all of our help.

    In addition we all need to respect the will of the voters who decided that he would make a better Governor than our candidates. We have to start planning and campaigning today if we are going to make a difference in his race.

    Best of luck to you, Mr. Saxton. I will be there when you need me…

  • Dave A.

    As a Ron Saxton supporter, I was thrilled to see him win the Primary Election. Now it’s time to get set to dump out DO-NOTHING LOSER of a Governor. It will be interesting to see if he can drum up some support from the public employee unions. Frankly, I hope his support from them will be tepid at best – especially given his freeze on state workers wages from two years ago.
    Please everyone let’s get behind Ron Saxton and change the direction of this state. 20 years of bad Democrat policy is more than this state deserves. Time to put Ted into retirement for good. He has no real record to run on and those FACTS need to be pointed out at every possible opportunity.

  • anonymous

    Frankly, if we’re taking sides between an AFSCME-backed Saxton and an AFSCME-hated Kulongoski…I’d probably take the K man.

    I’m a partisan, yes. But there comes a point where a Republican becomes so moderate that it’s actually damaging to the party for them to win.

    Saxton ran some very well-directed ads making him out to be an energetic fiscal conservative. And I would have voted for him had I not witnessed his 2002 campaign, where he wouldn’t promise to veto tax hikes or take a stand against infanticide or gay mariage. I am skeptical about this “transformation” touted by Dave Reinhard.

    I can think of nothing worse for the party than to elect a GOP governor who will raise taxes, promote gay marriage and cuddle up with the bureaucrat unions.

    If Saxton was just talking the conservative talk to win a primary, and if Dave Reinhard wrote a big lie to push his guy over the top, voters will figure this out.

    The question is whether his campaign is sophisticated enough to turn out his base in an off year with literally no one else on the ballot.


    Thanks for sharing your SOUR GRAPES LOSER BOY. It’s sorry people like you that will give this election to one of the most pathetic Governors in the last 100 years.
    WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Your guy LOST – SO GET OVER IT! Or did you emotional development stop at age 7?

  • Steve Plunk

    I love it when we all pull together.

    Seriously, I voted for Atkinson but will now throw my support to the primary winner Ron Saxton.

    He may be more moderate than what I was looking for but I am mature enough to know what is the best choice between the remaining two.

    The whole idea behind political parties is to unite on core issue to advance the agenda beneficial to us. Occasional rifts in ideas will happen but to throw it all away over single issues only hurts us all.

    It will always be better to work within the party to bring Mr. Saxton into a more conservative mode and the time to do it wil be after the general election not before. Pragmatically we must keep in mind that Willamette Valley votes will be necessary to get him into office and a moderate looking candidate will have a chance to get some of those votes. Dragging him to right before November will only cost us votes from the moderate dems and independents.

    The most conservative among us need to remember that with each additional win we can move the party more to the right and establish a more conservative smaller government. Going for the home run will just result in three strikes we are out. Each vote is a swing, which is part of an at bat, which is part of an inning, part of the game. Be patient.

    We are all smart enough to get this done. Certainly the conservative ideas and values we espouse give us a distinct advantage since they have stood the test of time and we know they work.

  • Anonymous

    That was a very mature, thoughtful, and most importantly, articulate response by #5. Thanks for all the insight.

    As for #6, as I mentioned I am a partisan and will likely vote for Saxton. I believe in running to the center to win elections.

    I’m just not sold on the idea that Saxton actually believes any of the stuff he campaigned on. Bush 41 didn’t, either, and he raised taxes. If voters can’t rely on Republicans to hold the line on taxes, what really can they rely on Republicans for?

    So I’m concerned about Saxton, but I’ll likely vote for him.

  • Hey #5,
    Now THAT is how you bring a party together. I wonder if you have a position inside the campaign now?


    yip yip