State Treasurer’s Postion Is No Time For On-the-job Training.

Oregon is clearly facing a financial crisis unlike any we’ve seen for some time. Risky loans, loose financial regulation and oversite, and increasingly inter-dependent global markets have causing now WORLDWIDE instability that has shook the very foundation of the US economy. Ben Westlund, who has said that protecting Oregon’s financial assets(one of the largest funds in the world) is “job one,” does not want to debate his plans for investing the State’s fund because the contrasting style and substance is too revealing. Embedded is a video clip of Ben and Allen Alley at the Willamette Week interview. The clip clearly contrasts the empty political ramblings of Ben Westlund with the business experience of Allen Alley.

And recent media endorsements are reflecting that dynamic “¦

From the East Oregonian’s “Alley emerges as our clear choice for state treasurer“ “¦.

It quickly became clear Alley was anything but a fringe candidate. Instead he is an individual who, despite not being an insider in Salem, certainly knows his way around the business community. That’s a valuable bit of experience when one is looking at an executive to oversee Oregon’s fiscal resources.

It also became clear Alley is a man of great substance with impeccable personal integrity and convictions.

During his distinguished tenure in office, outgoing Treasurer Randall Edwards has elevated the status and engagement of that function in terms of managing the billions of dollars taxpayers entrust to the State of Oregon. As the state continues to address escalating needs and the potential of declining revenues, the possibility of having someone with Alley’s experience in charge makes perfect sense.

From the Daily Astorian’s “Allen Alley for state treasurer” “¦

Our recommendation is Allen Alley, and for two reasons. Alley brings to the job a background in the private sector and the governor’s office. Ben Westlund’s political career is so freighted with opportunism that it’s hard to know what he really is. Westlund began political life as a Republican and catered to the far right in one instance. He became an Independent to run for governor. Now he is a Democrat.

Political opportunism and empty rhetoric vs. impeccable integrity and substance. Oh the choices.