Two candidates step up to run in HD#26

by NW Spotlight

Two Republicans have announced they’re seeking the nomination for state House District 26, Wilsonville. They will be seeking the nomination to be the Republican candidate in the November election; replacing Rep. Matt Wingard who won the Primary but then announced last week that he won’t be seeking re-election.

The two Republicans seeking the nomination in HD#26 are Lindsay Berschauer, Director of the Oregon Transformation Project, and John Davis, a local business and real estate attorney. Here are their press releases:

Lindsay Berschauer Announces Candidacy for HD 26

Lindsay Berschauer, the Director of the Oregon Transformation Project, announced that she will seek the Republican nomination for House District 26.

“I look forward to the chance to represent the people of District 26,” said Berschauer. “For far too long, Oregon has been in economic decline. The Oregon Transformation Project promotes public policy intended to reverse this decline, and I am excited about the opportunity to continue this work as a legislator.”

Berschauer, 31, is a Wilsonville resident and a former owner of a construction company.

“My perspective as a mother and as a business owner is needed in Salem,” Berschauer continued.”Oregon government spending is at an unsustainable level, and regulation is strangling the private sector. I have a record of promoting policies that address Oregon’s economic struggles while respecting taxpayers’ wallets.

The Oregon Transformation Project is operated by Third Century Solutions, Inc., a Lake Oswego based public affairs group. The Project promotes candidates and policies geared toward reinvigorating the private sector in Oregon.

John Davis Announces Candidacy for Oregon House District 26 to Replace Matt Wingard

Wilsonville—Local business and real estate attorney John C. Davis has announced his candidacy for State Representative in Oregon House District 26 after State Representative Matt Wingard stepped down last week.

A third generation Oregonian and a businessman for most of his life, Davis is running to help turn a state simultaneously known for its livability and anti-business environment into a place once again friendly to job creators.

“Over the past dozen years, Oregon’s budget has doubled,” said Davis, “but family salaries, jobs and the quality of our schools have not doubled.  At the same time, we have some of the highest capital gains, income, and estate tax rates in the nation: all factors which drive productive businesses, entrepreneurs, and retirees out of the state.”

While he does not believe that government is the direct source of private sector jobs, John Davis does believe that the legislature can make a difference by lowering taxes and controlling spending with targeted investments.

“It’s time that the state strengthened our families, businesses, and jobs in this state,” said Davis, “not the size of government.  This district needs a strong Republican to attain a Republican majority in the House so we can reset the legislature’s priorities.”

John represents clients in the areas of business and real estate transactions, finance, business law (including formations, sales, acquisitions, and compliance), and estate planning. He represents the interests of entrepreneurs, lenders, buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants in complex and multi-state transactions. John’s experience also includes litigation and appellate cases ranging from property disputes and commercial foreclosures to construction defects, constitutional law, and insurance. John maintains a commitment to pro bono legal services, serving both individuals in need and nonprofits.

John is an Oregon native and is actively engaged in the region’s activities. He currently serves as President of Emerging Leaders for Oregon, and is a committee member with Wilsonville Young Life, continuing his decade-long commitment to the organization’s work in Oregon. John previously served on the board of directors for Young Professionals of Vancouver. John is also regularly engaged in political and civic activities in Oregon and within the Portland-metro region, advising and assisting with campaigns and potential candidates.

One of John Davis’ key supporters is Charles Starr, former State Senator from Washington County and candidate for United States Congress.

Republican Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs) in HD#26 will vote for the new nominee on July 9 in the Wilsonville Library.