Yes on Measure 64. Take government out of political contribution business.

By Richard leonetti,

We can take some of the money, and ugly adds, out of politics by voting YES on Measure 64. A yes vote makes payroll deductions for political purposes unlawful. It is very hard to resist the pressure a payroll deduction places on you and the result is you are often forced to make contributions to candidates and ideas you might not freely choose. Take the pressure off and let everyone make their own choices and write their own checks for political purposes. Let’s take the government out of the political contribution collection business in Oregon.

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  • Jerry

    As already noted in my voter guide column, the unions do not have the ability, the expertise, or the resources to collect their own political dues. To require them to do so will result in less money coming in to their coffers. With less money they will be hampered in their efforts to control the state legislature and governor’s office. With less money coming in the politicians will get less money from them. Do you see where this is headed? That is why the politicians are not for this measure.

    Why are you picking on the unions? They are a force for good in this state and need all the help we can give them.

    I say vote NO and keep the unions happy. If they are mad at us who knows what they might do? Keep the money rolling in. What would the politicians do without money? What if they get mad?

    Why rock the apple cart? This has worked for decades in Oregon. Change can be bad, you know. This is just one example.

    A NO vote insures the status quo. And how bad is that???

    Quit picking on the unions. They are only there to help us all.

  • Crawdude

    I agree wholeheartedly with this one Oregon is not a ” Right to Work ” state, not being one is the most anti-worker stance a state could take.

    No government worker should be forced to being in any union in order to be employed. The Federal Government employees aren’t required to be in a union and that system seems to work decently. The state should adopt the same policy!

  • Anonymous

    Go unions!!!

    • Crawdude

      and take the liberals that are robbing this state with you!

  • Steve

    What has measure 64 got to do with teachers, firemen and nurses providing services?

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