Oregon War Veterans Assoc. raises half million in election cycle.

SALEM– Oregon War Veterans Association receives more than $500,000.00 in contributions from donors during the 2008 election cycle. The funds have been used for numerous electoral and charitable projects, that will help veterans and members of Oregon’s military families get the benefits they deserve.

“We have waited for many years to see contributions like the ones we have received this year. It has been a long hard road, with our board members and directors working selflessly to help where we can,” OWVA’s Director, Greg Warnock told a member of their community support team. OWVA’s goal to raise One Million Dollars for their election and measure projects, and the establishment of the Military Family Support Foundation (a charity to help with emergency needs for military related families) “has had a great start,” said Warnock, during a discussion with supporters.

OWVA is a 501(c)(19) War Veterans Association established to advocate for veterans and members of the military and their families. Each election cycle they endorse candidates in a bi-partisan manner and work to elect officials who will be more sensitive to veteran issues. Contributions to OWVA are tax deductable.

OWVA also supports projects that aid and comfort deployed troops and their families. In 2003, they paid for several Christmas parties for deployed units, and supported 25 pieces of legislation- and saw 19 of them passed and signed by the Governor.

In 2005, OWVA paid for funeral expenses relating to travel for families of National Guard Troops who were killed in Action, and raised money for the now famous “Save Christmas Project,” where they sent 45 pallets of donated goods to Oregon Troops deployed to Afghanistan.

In 2007, they wrote 12 pieces of legislation and saw some of the most creative new laws passed in support of vets and military families, including House Bill 3201, which gives tax deductions to National Guard members and health care providers who serve military families.

In 2008, OWVA has endorsed more than 75 candidates for public office, including candidates for Congress and legislators. They have also paid for several Christmas parties for units being deployed to Iraq in 2009.

For more information about OWVA, visit their website at www.OWVA.org