Everybody’s Talking About Card Check Except Jeff Merkley

From Labor Pains,

One issue in the race for Oregon’s U.S. Senate seat between Senator Gordon Smith and Jeff Merkley that hasn’t been given much attention is the issue of the Employee Free Choice Act, or card check. Card check is the system where union organizers collect cards from workers to signal their intent to have union representation as opposed to having a private ballot election in the workplace. This grossly mis-named piece of legislation is intended to boost union membership, put more money in the Big Labor Union Bosses’ pockets and help buy elections for candidates like Jeff Merkley.

What it takes away is disturbing: The right to a private ballot in the workplace when it comes to unionization.

Taking away this fundamental American right and replacing it with cards that people sign opens workers up to coercion, threats and intimidation by union organizers. It even allows organizers to visit you at home, when your family is there!

Other races and ballot measures in Oregon are talking about it: Rick Dancer, running for Oregon Secretary of State is against taking away the private ballot; Measure 64, dealing with campaign finance reform wants to stop unions and their “purchased” candidates from taking away the right to a private ballot and even a race in the State House between Representative John Lim and Greg Matthews has addressed the issue as Matthews has come out in support of taking away a private ballot by supporting the Employee Free Choice Act.. Even David Reinhard from the Oregonian has commented that it’s not getting much attention.

We’ve tried to get Jeff Merkley to talk about the issue: here, here,and here. But Jeff Merkley seems more interested in talking about the state of Georgia then the state of Oregon.

As Oregonians, we deserve someone who will stand up for Oregon’s interests, not special interests.

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  • Joanne Rigutto

    I can see that it would be interesting to know Jeff Merkley’s view on Card Check, I would think he’d be for in, but who knows if Merley himself doesn’t say one way or the other.

    That having been said, I’m much more interested in Merkley’s view on national subjects that will impact Oregon. He’s going to the federal government if he wins, he won’t have that much impact on something like Card Check unless there is legislation on the federal level to implement or allow it, or even to prohibit it, and I don’t know if the federal government even has jurisdiction in something like that at the state level. Although, I see federal and international regulations that technically I would be exempt from, except that they are implemented at the state level through cooperative agreements, so ya never know…..

  • Martha

    “One issue in the race for Oregon’s U.S. Senate seat between Senator Gordon Smith and Jeff Merkley that hasn’t been given much attention…”

    AND Dave Brownlow. Given the choice between two indoctrinated conventional party hacks and Dave Brownlow I would be most interested in hearing Dave Brownlow’s opinion. At the very least it has a much higher chance of being lawful and educated and a reflection of his true intentions and positions, not just worthless campaign rhetoric.

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