Democrats campaign against government waste

Some House Democrat Mailers are promoting a cut government waste theme. Greg Mathews who is running against Republican John Lim had this mailer that read. “As a first responder, Greg knows how important it is that taxpayer dollars go where they’re supposed, not to bureacracy. Greg supports aggressive audits of state agencies and increased citizen oversight to reduce government waste

The Democratic Party has been vey hostile to any program cut or government waste reduction idea. Is this a new wave of Democrats or just election year politics?

Bigger picture below.

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  • John in Oregon

    Since Democrats are exactly equated with Waste I would go for that. Lets get rid of the Waste.

  • Chris

    While working in Oregon Governement, i have seen numerous unfunded manadates come, from usually the legislature, to report spending. Each time they add a new one they fail to remove any of the old reporting ways from statutes so we wind up entering generally the same info into numerous databases that they ignore anyway. So much of this nonsense comes from DAS which just keeps making it harder and harder to do anything sensible.

  • Anonymous

    Well our country has prostituted itself. Watch out

  • Oregon Red Dog

    Well, as a (now) Democrat who voted for President Bush as a (then) Independent, maybe Matthews is not really as liberal a Democrat as he seems to be? He sure has taken on most of their ideologies though: health care, education, union issues and he has taken tons of union money.
    Seems like maybe Greg Matthews will do and say anything to get elected. NOT the kind of Representative we want or need in Oregon.

  • DarePDX

    I think by government waste the Democrats are talking about all the effort made in finding money for their pet projects. Squeezing every penny out of the Constitutionally protected tax payers does take alot of effort.

    Obviously they are looking to cut back on this waste and move straight to a much more efficient government. One that can just take what it wants without all that inefficient due process and voter input.

  • Crawdude

    I consider 2-3 pay raises in one year wasteful, the DNC that run this state apparently don’t.

    If Jerry had written this I’d have laughed at the sarcasm, unfortunately liberals think that someone believes them when the talk about cutting expenses……..thats just plain sad 🙁

  • Stacy

    What I want to know is why the FIRST things that appear to be cut are schools and law enforcement? Well, I know WHY, it’s to punish the greedy taxpayer for wanting to keep the money they earn. You want to “fix” the budget? Make full funding of those two items mandatory before penny one is spent on any other items, including DHS. I’m tired of seeing the 19 year old kids with their Oregon Trail card buying hot dogs and soda at the local convenience store. I’m also tired of hearing welfare recipeints referred to as “clients”. You know what we really need? A clean, clear list of wasteful spending projects around the state. A foot bridge over a creek that no one will use? A garden on the roof of a government building? Tax funded solar panels along the interstate (in a state where it is cloudy for 9 months a year!) How about a list of administrators and their actual job description in the public education system? Why can a private school run on 1/2 or fewer staff than a bloated public school systems? Not teachers mind you, but administrators. At a state average of $280,000 PER classroom in education funding, where does that money go? I want a LIST! When you say “wastful spending”, it means nothing if you can’t back it up. I want to know which departments got new cars and how many miles were on the old ones. I want to know who got new office furniture and how old was the furniture that was replaced. I want to know if the State is funding research on projects where the research costs more than just doing the project (I-5 Bridge anyone?). If I were king of Oregon: If a teacher is taken out of a classroom due to budget cuts, two administrators would also have to be let go. Lowering the cost of an activity usually results in an increase in that activity. Logically, if you make it less expensive to have a business in Oregon, there will be more business in Oregon. More business means more employed people, more employed people means more people spending money and a wider revenue base for the state. Lastly, if you think corporations don’t pay their “fair share” of taxes, just remember that next time you want a raise. What you take out of your company’s pocket in the form of higher taxes isn’t there for them to put more of that money into your pocket.

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