Lars Larson on Saving the Car Business

Here’s an idea for you. How about a rebate to get Americans to buy American cars?

Yesterday I got the chance to talk to my old friend, Ron Tonkin. Ron knows a thing or two about cars. He’s sold about one half of a million of them in his professional career, nearly 50 years in the business.

He’s worried about this business because he understands that the car business is a linchpin in the American economy. One job in four in America involves automobiles, gasoline, spare parts, tires, windshields and the like. So he’s got an idea.

Instead of putting all of that bailout money into the banks and other places, he said, “How about a $2,500 rebate if anybody buys a car made by one of the big three?” You know, the American auto makers, Chrysler, General Motors & Ford. Have that rebate of $2,500 put as an incentive when buying a car.

I don’t like rebates and I don’t like subsidies, but I do like the idea of saving America’s economy.

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