Newspapers down 4 percent. Oregonian down 8 percent.

The latest 6-month ciruclation audit shows that daily circulation dropped 4.6% — almost twice the average of last year’s circulation drop.

The Oregonian dropped 8.4%.

The few large papers that did not see a decline were USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. In related news, the Christian Science Monitor is ceasing their daily issues and moving to a weekly paper.

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  • RinoWatch

    Look for more consolidations re: the “O” and it’s local operations. They’ve already closed up shop in Hillsboro….

  • Provo

    What do you mean closed up shop? They still own The Hillsboro Argus right? That paper is still strong/popular?

  • RinoWatch

    Bureau closing/closed…Argus laid off Sports ed. & others recently….

  • Crawdude

    The little o is going to go, pretty soon! I’ll be happy to see the biased rag fold! They closed their Gresham office a few months ago and laid off 10% of their full time staff………..they are starting the slow death spiral, hopefully it will pick up speed.

    • dean

      Dude…so if that came to pass…then what? No daily newspaper for our state? Bloggers in their PJs giving us our daily dose?

      • Crawdude

        Its better than the little o spreading liberal party line disinformation. In my opinion 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Funny thing is the O probably imagined getting rid of Reinhard helped them. You know with all the lefty loons out there forever decrying the paper as too right because one, sort of, conservative comlumnist was on the editorial board and a couple R endorsements over the years.

    The lefty nut cases around here slam the paper in bulk every time the paper doesn’t carry the left’s cool aid 100% of the time.
    The same people who think Keith Olberman is the best source for news.

  • Alan

    I am sure circulation will hit a leveling point. Many companies go through this.

  • dan

    My wife and I subscribe to the Sunday Oregonian, mostly for the TV listings, and so I can read the ads while sitting on the can. It ain’t for the jouralism, that’s for sure.

    Yesterday, they called up and offered us the daily paper FREE for the next 13 months. No strings. No cost. That’s how gut-wrenchingly desperate they are…and I still don’t want it. It’s not even worth the trouble to throw it in the ol’ recycling bin.

    • Anonymous

      Dan –

      With a proper diet you could spend less time on the can and eliminate (pun intended) the Oregonian from your life.

      TV listings and weekly store ads are all available online.

  • Jerry

    Remember, everyone, Dean said the O’s online readership was up – way up – so there is nothing to worry about!

  • John in Oregon

    I am shocked

    *—– SHOCKED —-*

    I tell you shocked.

    We must do something and do it now.

    Without the *O*
    We would never know

    Well we would never know that
    Testimony in Pennsylvania court shows the Obama campaign provided donor lists to Acorn

    We would never know
    That Wendy Button has lost her home

    Never know
    The Ohio Secretary of State has an ACORN, Project Vote staffer on her campaign team

    We would not know
    That Fairfax County had rejected all Federal Write-In Absentee military ballots.

    We could not know
    Helen Jones-Kellly Lied About Why She Ordered her child welfare clerk to check the records of Joe The Plumber

    We would never know that
    Amy Little who resides in New Paltz, New York and is in Columbus, Ohio organizing Vote Today Ohio, a pro-Obama get out the vote group is registered to vote in Ohio even though she is a resident of New Paltz, NY.

    We just would not know
    That a significant number of fraudulent voters were cast in Democrat primary races for New Mexico as a result of ACORN’s voter registration fraud,”

    How could we know
    CNNs Drew Griffin falsified the quote saying that the National Review can’t tell if Sarah Palin is incompetent, stupid, unqualified, corrupt or all of the above.

    We’d have no way to know
    During the debate Obama repeated the discredited claim that someone at a McCain rally said kill him. The claim Secret Service concluded was false.

    We would not know
    The McCain campaign bus was fired on shattering windows.

    Nor would we know
    That Philadelphia County voter fraud is so bad the Philadelphia City Commission voted unanimously to “voluntarily” turn over its extensive records to the United States Attorney’s office for prosecution.

    We would not know
    Idaho Democrats distributed campaign mail listing the Social Security numbers of Congressman Bill Sali and his wife.

    And we would not know that
    Obama said if somebody wants to build a coal-business his tax plan will bankrupt them.


    I was just informed.
    Ladies and gentleman I am so sorry.
    I mean really, I did not imagine.
    After all its not even thinkable.

    I was only on page 1 of 7
    And now I am forced to retract

    I do apologize…
    Not one of those stories did I find in the Oregonanian.

    • dean

      John….but what makes these “stories” worth reporting on? These are all blog reports or McCain campaign schmeggeggee. Should the Oregonian use ever diminishing page space to “report” every internet rumor that pops up? That would make them a better newspaper?

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