Campaign ad review: Rhetoric gets unreal

This Anti-Measure 64 ad was spotted on the web. It says “Don’t silence our heroes.” It should rather be re-phrased to say “Don’t silence our heroes — LET US DO THAT by allowing us unions to continue to forcibly take our workers’ money and to use it for political causes they personally object to. We are the unions, we are experts at silencing opposition.” The ad almost has a subliminal death message to it.

Then we have the “Make Sure it is not Gone Tomorrow” ad which in essence screams the notion that if you do not fork out more taxes your parks and natural areas will disappear! Grass will wither and trees will run away.

“Natural areas” gone? With over 50% of Oregon land under ownership of the government, I am quite sure that our natural areas are not going to vanish. Landowners maybe, but not the land.