What Will Happen if Obama is Elected

As the election draws, near the Freedom Foundation would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone what Obama has promised us if he wins.

1. College will be free — Obama promised he would help struggling students pay off their student loan debt.
2. Houses will be free — Obama promised that people who could not make their mortgage payments will not lose their homes.
3. Babies will continue to be killed even if born alive after a failed abortion — Obama has steadfastly promised that he will never do anything to change a woman’s right to kill her unborn (or born) baby.
4. Gays will be able to openly serve in the military — Obama has promised to end “don’t ask — don’t tell”.
5. Powdered cocaine sellers will not be penalized as much as crack cocaine sellers — Obama promised to end this sentencing disparity.
6. Charter schools will get double the money — Obama has promised to double the funding for charter schools.
7. Plug-in hybrid cars will be cheap and plentiful — Obama has promised to get one million of these on the road within six years.
8. Incandescent light bulbs will be illegal — Obama has promised to sign into law the end of incandescent light bulbs.
9. It will be illegal for your children not to have health care — Obama has promised to require that all children have health care.
10. The world will be remade — Obama promised to “remake the world” when he spoke about America’s problems in Berlin.