What Will Happen if Obama is Elected

As the election draws, near the Freedom Foundation would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone what Obama has promised us if he wins.

1. College will be free — Obama promised he would help struggling students pay off their student loan debt.
2. Houses will be free — Obama promised that people who could not make their mortgage payments will not lose their homes.
3. Babies will continue to be killed even if born alive after a failed abortion — Obama has steadfastly promised that he will never do anything to change a woman’s right to kill her unborn (or born) baby.
4. Gays will be able to openly serve in the military — Obama has promised to end “don’t ask — don’t tell”.
5. Powdered cocaine sellers will not be penalized as much as crack cocaine sellers — Obama promised to end this sentencing disparity.
6. Charter schools will get double the money — Obama has promised to double the funding for charter schools.
7. Plug-in hybrid cars will be cheap and plentiful — Obama has promised to get one million of these on the road within six years.
8. Incandescent light bulbs will be illegal — Obama has promised to sign into law the end of incandescent light bulbs.
9. It will be illegal for your children not to have health care — Obama has promised to require that all children have health care.
10. The world will be remade — Obama promised to “remake the world” when he spoke about America’s problems in Berlin.

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  • CC

    Irredescent bulbs illegal? If you outlaw iiredescent bulbs then only outlaws with have them.

  • Linley


  • Rupert in Springfield

    Well, if nothing else at least Obama is getting more responsible as he approaches election.

    Apparently Bill Richardson has his tax increases now down to people making $120K, so we have come down to more than half of the original $250K. I mean even Biden is at $150K, and this is before these clowns are even in office.

    This combined with Obama’s increases slated for 2010 with non renewal of the current tax cut will bring the average increase in tax bill for a family of four making $60K to $1,900, at least according to CNN.

    So, Obama wants to spend a lot, I mean drunken sailor a lot. I mean way more than Bush 2 ever had in his wildest dreams. Frankly Obama wants to spend as much as our biggest spending presidents ever, FDR and LBJ, and then some.

    At least he is getting more responsible in now pretty much taxing everyone to pay for all this stuff. That wasn’t a big surprise, we got the same stuff from Clinton. The rich would get their taxes raises, the middle class would pay less. Two weeks in we all know what happened with Clintons famous “hardest two weeks of my life” speech. Personally I wonder how hard Obama will be able to hammer the economy with his tax increases, given its fairly precarious situation now. Oh well, I guess Hoover is a distant memory now so the lessons have been forgotten. We will have big government intervention with tariffs and tax increases and see if the same thing happens. Who knows?

    At any rate, its now pretty clear how things are shaping up with the prospect of an Obama administration. If you work, you will have less so Obama can spend. That much we understand. Really the only question is at what point into the administration will the sucker punch come and will Obama be able to throw it and hammer those who work without his halo falling off?

  • dean

    Well get used to it Jerry. McCain is running out of time and electoral prospects. He may even lose Arizona. Where are you planning to move to by the way? We liberals have Canada as an option. But where do disgruntled (is there any other kind?) conservatives threaten to go? I’d recommend Alaska and then ramping up the secessionist movement, of which Todd Palin was a member until recently. Very patriotic that. Sarah apparently “palled around with” secessionists.

    1: Obama did not say “free.” He said public tuition paid in return for community service. Something for something.
    2: I think it was actually McCain who promised to buy out the difference between what people signed to pay for their homes and what they are actually worth. You have fingered the wrong socialist here.
    3: Wrong again. He said he would sign a law eliminating 3rd trimester abortion if it included a women’s health exception. McCain followed with his famous snarky “air quote” and lost about 10 million PUMA votes on the spot.
    4: And is about time.
    5: I think you have this one backwards.
    6: Double the FEDERAL support. From about $200 million to $400 million, or 5 days cost of the Iraq occupation.
    7: And you have a problem with this?
    8: Oh my Gawd! We will be groping in the dark to find the socket to plug in our hybrid electric car!
    9: You perfer to let the little buggers die in the gutter Jerry? And right after you insist all women should be forced to bear children they may not want or can’ care for? Do you see an inconcistency here? Never mind.
    10: And its about time.

    And Rupert…your concern over the federal budget is about 8 years too late. At least Obama plans to spend money on actual things we can use, like the federally built dams and highways from an earlier era we still use.

    As for “having less.” Maybe you will have less walking around money, and maybe you will have safer bridges to drive on. You expect free bridges?

    • Anonymous


  • joe

    Hey Dean, lets pay for it with a new FEDERAL property tax on all big land owners – say anyone who wastes land be living on more than 1/2 acre.

    Hope you’ll be proud of doing your part for all these people.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Dean – If I have need for someone with appalling racial views to help me decide on where a tree will look best, I will keep you in mind. However on economic matters I prefer to pass.

    Joe – If you ever meet a liberal who is all pro taxes and loves the government who doesn’t take advantage of every tax loophole and deduction or who actually pays more than the minimum the 1040 form recommends, let me know. Id love to meet the one liberal in the country who wasn’t a hypocrite.

    • dean

      Rupert….you seem to have run out of counter-arguments and have joined some of your less interesting Catalyst colleagues down in the gutter spewing uncreative insults. I’m dissapointed. I liked you better when you simply declared victory.

      Joe…I wasn’t aware I was a “big” landowner. But I assure you my 5 acres is not “wasted.” It grows human and livestock food, landscape plants, and provides habitat. And as it turns out I get a nice tax break on it for my efforts.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        No, I gave you plenty of warning. The feigned lack of reading was simply getting dull, combined with your inane inability to admit when you were wrong. Its not that I don’t have any counter argument to you, I just feel it is pointless to argue with someone who brings nothing to the table but childishness like: cant read, cant admit when wrong, and cant use common definitions of word, such as your insistence the word “several” means the same as the word “all”.

        Your last trek into your world of ugly racialism was simply too much for me. As it happened right around the time of the Obama/Ayers thing getting some press I thought about it a little.

        What did it say that Obama had hung out with a terrorist such as Ayers?

        What did it say about me in arguing with someone with racial views as ugly as yours?

        So, on that basis I decided I didn’t want to be involved with you in any way. In short I regard your racial views as disgusting.

        I do not intend that as insult, simply a statement of my feelings regarding your views. I find them disgusting and frankly think they have no place in either polite conversation or modern society.

        I have stated this to you before, however you insist on using your childish tactic of not being able to read.

        So there again is the second reason I don’t argue with you. Childishness is only amusing to a point.

        Take it how you will, I don’t care, I simply just would prefer not to be associated with you. You are the kind of person I think most people of any caliber would prefer not to have association with. I certainly count myself among them.

        • dean

          Rupert…you aren’t fooling anyone here. “Racialist” my Greek arse. Its about as creative as “have you stopped beating your wife yet.” You want to change the subject, or avoid the subject by trying to make your opponent defend himself against a ludicrous charge. I ain’t going there with you.

          But I do congratulate you. You did manage to weasel out of any constructive debate. William Ayers. My goodness. Lets vote for McCain because Obama “hung out” with William Ayers, even if he didn’t. How trivial can we make this election? Palin slept with…is still sleeping with a member of a seccessionist organization. What do you make of that? Does it influence your vote?

          Don’t bother answering. I have to go now. Its hard to keep the neighborhood crosses burning in all this rain. Then I have to go drop off my ballot for Obama. Only because he is half white mind you. Otherwise no way would I vote for him. Oh…and I have to take my Klan costume to the cleaners. So busy these days.

  • All About Jobs

    None of the rhetoric matters anymore. Voters are going to elect the person that they believe will get the economy back on track.

    I found this poll that asks which candidate has the better jobs agenda —


    I’m willing to bet that the results predict the outcome of the election.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah dean and I’ll wager you are on the Oregon Health plan and a few other welfare programs while you are spending time with your liberal activism instead of working.
    Like with so many of your liberal peers around here. Many of them hang out at BlueOregon patting each other on the back for their smarts and contributions to the progressive efforts.
    All the while depending on others to fund their lifestyles.

    These are low life parasites of which I suspect may be among.
    Of course I could be wrong and you put in 40 hour work week somewhere but I doubt it.
    I know your type.

    • dean

      Or I may be one of the 76,000 Oregonians on the waiting list to be allowed to even apply for the Oregon Health plan.

      I’d love to stay and chat, but I need to go cash my welfare check. And I hear there is a long line what with Warren Buffett, George Soros, Barbara Streisand, George Clooney, Bill Gates Sr., Colin Powell, and only God knows how many other poor liberals who support Obama so that he can raise taxes on rich geniuses like yourself and increase our checks.

  • josh reynolds


    We are electing a President not an Emperor. Right now it depends on the mood of the Blue Dog democrats in the House and if the republicans can hang onto 41 in the US Senate. This country also looks like it is going to elect, for the second time in a row, a very unqualified candidate for President. If you think for a moment Bush was qualified you are absolutely nuts!!!

  • Anonymous

    Perfect dean, that was precisely the kind of liberal answer I expected.
    Some non response, non revealing lame attempt at diverting and humor.
    That helped bolster my view of you.

    • dean

      Non-revealing? You are kidding right?

  • John in Oregon

    Its interesting to speculate about an Obama win and what the results would be.

    Since we are speculating I would go with the Biden gambit. The “Cloward-Piven Strategy” of manufactured crisis to orchestrate massive transfers of power.

    However back in the arena of reality, I observe a flip side reverse image question to the one Jerry asked here.

    A question made reasonable by the latest weekend IBD/TIPP poll showing Obama 46.7%, McCain 44.6% Undecided 8.7%. Ignoring that weekend poles slightly favor Democrats what’s remarkable here is that the undecideds out number the margin between Obama and McCain by 3 to 1.

    “With Obama outspending McCain by upwards of 4 to 1, getting enormous traction with newspaper editorial boards,,, and with Palin treated as more of a punch line than a candidate by the press — it seems likely that if voters are not ready to tell a pollster that they are with Obama, they are unlikely to get there. [and vote for Obama]” HT TWS

    Indeed the Obama pattern has shown an inability to close with undecided voters. Thus the foundation for my inverse mirror image question. What if Obama looses?

    What if Obama looses even with the vote of 95-year-old Mildred Meddock an advanced Alzheimer’s patient who was registered and voted Obama by Highland County Ohio Board of Elections employees.

    I don’t mean the Cliché of riots in the streets promised by the seed of the mighty Oak. What happens to the far left dominated Democrat party of power at all cost? What happens to the plan to change America?

    • dean

      John…you are slipping into conspiracy theory territory. Careful here.

      If we Dems lose the election to McCain, we will be sad, dissapointed, upset. But we will still have big majorities in Senate and the House. Life will continue. We will drown our sorrows and live on, as we did after the 2000 and 2004 elections.

  • John in Oregon

    > *slipping into conspiracy theory territory.*

    If by this you are referring to the Alzheimer voter then
    You ought to have that discussion with The Columbus Dispatch.

    If by this you are referring to Obama sharing donor data with Acorn then
    You ought to have that discussion with The Pittsburgh Tribune Review

    If by this you are referring to the snooping on Joe the Plumber then
    You ought to have that discussion with The Columbus Dispatch

    If by this you are referring to the subject of fraud in general then
    You ought to have that discussion with Professor Reynolds and The New York Post

    Kate Brown tells us that every vote will be counted. I recall that when my Grandfather returned to Kansas City after WW1, his vote was also counted. Counted at the end of a baseball bat which told him his vote was already counted. Pardon me if I don’t take voter fraud lightly.

    Dean you said > *If we Dems lose the election to McCain, we will be sad, dissapointed, (sic) upset.*

    When you made comments invoking Republican party homogeny in the past I thought it just one more tool. I now see the idea of a monolith party is a blind spot in your thinking.

    The great bulk of the Democrat numbers are made of ordinary Joes. Shift workers who bring home wages to pay the bills. Joes that borrow from family to start small businesses. Trade workers who rely on them selves. Yes they do cling to guns and read the bible.

    In contrast the far left wing of the party believe America is flawed. That only the power of Government can correct. The red painted hands screeching in the halls of Congress. The “public allies”.

    That the far left coalesced the Joes behind the common theme of failure in Iraq, that was the story of 2006.

    That Obama held that collation together against Hillary in the primaries is remarkable. Then the political enemy of Iraq receded into success. Bush is yesterday. Obama has to knit together a coalition which is impossible because each side, Dem moderates and far left, is repulsed by the other.

    As Iraq became success Obama was able hold the collation against the enemy of Wall Street. Until he met Joe The Plumber and let slip his views. Obama did what I said he would, he tried to appease to his liberal base, he attacked Joe the plumber, Miller the well driller.

    Large undecided numbers, the Joes of the election, and more state polls slipping to toss-up. My grandmother used a phrase, don’t count your chickens.

    • dean

      Speaking of counting chickens…we have 4 new ones as of yesterday. Seriously. At least there were 4 in the barnyard this morning. If the electric fence holds, there should still be 4 tonight.

      John, I looked up your examples and they all appear to be either unconfirmed internet rumors or sticky stuff thrown against the wall by the McCain campaign. None of it has anything to do with what happens to this nation as a consequence of this election. And that sums up what happened to the McCain campaign and the Republican party. They seemed to forget our nation is in a deep rut, people are by and large aware of this and want some leadership to get us out. None of us know if Obama will be capable of providing that leadership, but McCain booted away his opportunity by a series of decisions that indicated he is not serious about the big issues we face other than the Iraq war. He never offered a coherent program, and spent all his time attacking, like you are still doing at this late hour. Ain’t gonna fly.

      I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with one party having control of national politics, especially during times of crises. As long as they don’t corrupt the election process in their favor, if we don’t like what they do we give them the boot in 2 or 4 years. Its a self correcting system…that appears about to undergo a major self correction. It looks like the democrats will have an opportunity to be the responsible party for at least the next 4 years. I hope we do better with this responsibility than the republicans managed to do.

      As for who the Democratic party is…I think dumbing it down to “Joe the Plumber” is old thinking. We are a mixture of remnant blue collar, service workers (think hotel maids and landscapers), a white collar professional class (I work with 23 young professionals who are ALL voting Obama,) and a big chunk of the capitalist class (Gates, Soros, Buffett, the Google guys….).

      That is a tough, diverse set of interests to manage, but I think we are on the same page on the big issues: health care, foreign policy, energy, education, infrastructure, and taxes. With strong majorities in the House and Senate Obama is going to have the wind at his back to get some things done. If he fails, or if these policies fail, he will be a 1 term president and Palin can have a turn.

      And if by a minor miracle McCain squeaks in by 1 or 2 electoral votes while losing the popular vote, he will be in a very weak position. The right is probably better off politically if he loses at this point.

  • Dave A.

    While everyone is speculating what will happen if Obama wins the Presidential election – noone has talked about the stock market – which I predict will tank another 4-500 points if the most unqualified junior senator in modern times wins. Sorry Dean – you can kiss your IRA snd 401K money goodbye if your SCHMUCK wins. In fact you can count on it! (Hope you like the prospect of working until you’re past 70!)

    • dean

      Dave…I’d like you to explain how you square your critique of a future Obama economy with what actually happened to the stock market, the nation’s finances, and many IRAs over the past 8 years. I mean….do you think he will have a worse record 4 years from now? Do you think Warren Buffet would be behind him if HE felt that way? And do you actually think McCain is a more adept manager of economics than Obama? If yes, based on what?

      Also…when you predict a market tank….what do you mean? A one day tank? A 4 year tank? Losing 400 points in a day seems a regular occurrance of late.

  • Derek Wilson


    Get your facts straight before you post something about them..

    obama will sign a law elimnating third trimester abortions
    he will not remake the world

  • John in Oregon

    Dean you said > *John, I looked up your examples and they all appear to be either unconfirmed internet rumors or sticky stuff thrown against the wall by the McCain campaign.*

    Sorry, try a little harder next time

    *Alzheimer’s patient voted, records show*
    Thursday, October 30, 2008

    “Examples of possible voter fraud stretch from the farmlands of Ohio to the West Coast.”

    “In Highland County, 95-year-old Mildred Meddock registered and voted for the first time in her life despite her advanced Alzheimer’s disease.”

    “Her granddaughters learned of her newfound patriotism when they visited the nursing home where Meddock lives and saw an “I voted today” sticker on her clothing.”

    “Records show that Meddock registered Sept. 26 when two Highland County Board of Elections employees visited the home… I’m livid,” said granddaughter Chrystal Brown. “A month ago, she couldn’t tell you her name she was so bad, and, depending on what time of day it is, her name is the only thing she can tell you.””

    I do have to admit this does sound like the perfect Obama voter.

    *Former ACORN staffer testifies *
    Pittsburgh Tribune Review *(NEWSPAPER)*
    Wednesday, October 29, 2008

    “HARRISBURG — A former staffer for an affiliate of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now testified today that the organization was provided a “donor list” from the presidential campaign of Barack Obama… Anita Moncrief, a former Washington, D.C. staffer for Project Vote, which she described as a sister organization of ACORN, said her supervisor told her the list of campaign contributors came from the Obama campaign. Moncrief said she has a copy of a “development plan” that outlines how Obama contributors who had “maxed out” under federal contribution limits would be targeted to give to Project Vote, and that it was her job to identify such contributors.”

    Is it really necessary for me to go on?

    Derek > *[O]bama will sign a law elimnating (sic) third trimester abortions he will not remake the world.*

    Derek, get your facts straight. Obama opposed a law that care and nutrition be given to a infant born alive as a result of an induced labor abortion. He opposed it even with the amendment which upheld Roe V Wade. Its more likely that Obama would sign a law upholding all abortions during the first 12 months.

    • dean

      John….yeah….like I said. You have a couple of people claiming their mom voted…unsubstantiated. And you have one report of one testimony about something in a lawsuit that may or may not have happened. You think the Oregonian should be reporting on these? They will be very busy.

      And no…not necessary to go on.

      John…word to the wise. If McCain loses as expected and the Dems pick up big majorities in Congress it won’t be because of “the media” failing to report on every rumor or non story. It will be because of failed Republican governance. If you and others can’t get past that point you have no hope of rebuilding your platform. You can’t continue to run against the educated class and exhalt Joe the Plumber. You have to win over some of that class because that is where ideas, programs, and intelligent governance comes from.

      And if you continue to run against “the media” you are going to have trouble, because they collectively have the bigger inkwell.

  • Keljaden

    I am a moderate and originally was planning on voting for Obama. A few days before I sent in my absent ballot, I decided to watch some of the debates. Obama doesn’t really say where he is getting all the money from that he wants to spend. The only place where he can get this from is taxes. I don’t want the money I work for to go to more Government spending. I also have a fear that an assassination attempt will be made on Obama. Most people don’t want to admit it, but people are still racist. There will be a ton of racist *insert bad word here* that will try to kill him because he’s “African-African-American”(Daily show or Colbert report forgot which one said it.) So by voting for him you want him to die. I don’t want that. I would rather have Obama alive and trying his best to help our country in the senate, Plus congress is already flooded with democrats as it is. Having a Republican president like McCain will help keep a balance. He is a very qualified candidate and I think he really does and will turn the economy. He’s a war veteran and knows what we need to do to pull out of Iraq without screwing them over. McCain 08 (Stewart/Colbert 08 would have been better though)

  • Not an idiot

    You are an idiot, yes I took 2 mins out of my life to inform you of what you are! An IDIOT!

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