Election Results all-in-one guide: Statewide races, measures

US Senate Race
Gordon Smith X 521,203 47%
Jeff Merkley 506,852 47%
Dave Brownlow 61,348 6%

Congress -5
Kurt Schrader 115,981 56%
Mike Erickson 77,995 37%

Kate Brown 527,267 49%
Rick Dancer 506,166 48%

Ben Westlund 516,980 50%
Allen Alley 480,750 47%
Michael Marsh 34,882 3%

M56 – Double Majority scaleback
Yes 577,383 55%
No 476,520 45%

M57 – Increase prison (Legislature version)
Yes 652,650 61%
No 417,335 39%

M58- English Immersion
No 577,283 54%
Yes 498,571 46%

M59- Tax cut
No 660,932 62%
Yes 396,562 38%

M60 – Teacher merit pay
No 641,842 60%
Yes 433,161 40%

M61 – Increase prison (Mannix)
Yes 551,018 51%
No 526,137 49%

M62 – Lottery for public safety
No 628,387 59%
Yes 434,453 41%

M63 – Building Permits
No 559,828 53%
Yes 506,201 47%

M64 Public resources- Political funds
Yes 540,266 51%
No 510,655 49%

M65 open primary
No 667,219 66%
Yes 345,136 34%

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  • sagano

    Not a good night for ballot measures

  • jones

    not sure what is wrong with the citizens of Oregon. Seems like they all want to pay more out in taxes. why keep paying the schools to keep teaching in spanish for YEARS??? California had a great idea with english immersion, IT ONLY MAKES SENSE. I think I’ll move to a different country, because we will be in a major depression before the end of 2009.

    • Reper

      Some tax measures seemed good, like the childrens levy, others fared closer scrutiny such as the PCC bond. As we speak it is hanging on by a thread. So voters can be discriminating. As for Measure 59, voters ahve said no before so there should be no suprise. That is how I see it.

    • ESL Teacher

      Research shows it takes 5 to 7 years for an ESL student to reach a NSE 50 percentile equivilent. The way the ESL program works now in Oregon is IMMERSION. The attempt over the 5 to 7 years is to immerse them in English. The ESl program now does not teach them in only spanish the whole time. Your comments reflect an ignorance in the community about the ESL program. The good part is that most Oregonians did their research and realized the measure was misleading and ridiculous.

      • Hilo

        Reading measures? They are written in legalesse.

  • dan

    people need to understand the measures before they vote. passing measure 57 voids out measure 61, so why bother passing 61?? Are our citizens not concerned about our childrens education??? why keep a teacher in place who is not doing a good job?? why let the good teachers go to keep a poor teacher?? why not put children in an english immersion class?? they will do better when they finish it and it will cost the taxpayers much less money. Why do we want DOUBLE TAXATION??? WHY PAY TAXES ON MONEY THAT WAS PAID IN TAXES???
    Wake up people!!!

    • Alan

      That 57, 61 crime measure was a sham by the Oregon Legislature. How can anyone explain that. It just shows how right on Mannix was, and how low the elected legislature will go in stopping him and in effect stopping the Oregon voter. 57 was just nothing more than a pnozi scheme smoke and mirrors sham.

    • reper

      Education was not on anyone’s list this year. It was all the economy and national issues. Oregon is due for a good educationd eabte. It will not happen until it is safe to talk about normal issues.

  • sagano

    I heard not a peep on the english measure. How are people suppossed to vote on something they know nothing about?

  • Brian

    I do not understand the voters of Oregon with the way the economy is and the price of gas, even though it is dropping it is still too high, why are we passing the measures that would increase our taxes. the Oregon government gets enough money, they just need to quit mismanaging it. i have come to one conclusion the people of Oregon love to give the Oregon government more money to miss handle. Keep up the good work people.

    • sagano

      gas is cheap now. Unbelievable how far is has come.

  • Don

    I think we need a complete investigation into our elections, people of Oregon just can’t be that dumb; Or are they?

  • Alan

    If there be an investigation it should be for election fraud. We still hear of a lot of election errors at thsi time. The public needs to have confidence that the system is safe, accurate and fraud-free.

  • Hilo

    There will be no investigation. never been, never will be.

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