Four Good Things About This Election

I have four good things to say about this election:

1. It’s over. I won’t have to see another political ad for at least a year.

2. The margin of victory (or defeat) was significant enough to survive any court challenges. While I suspect massive vote fraud on the part of Obama surrogates and hope for some serious investigations, prosecutions and convictions, I don’t think they could have made the numbers we saw in the battleground states.

3. Scott Bruun.

4. Matt Wingard.

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  • Jerry

    I only noticed one thing. Obama wins – stock market tanks. I guess this is the change he was referring to.

    • Alan

      Pocket change. We will all be left with pocket change.

      • Pete

        Jerry, the stock market was up big the day of Obama’s election. You can read anything you want in such situations. There are much larger forces driving stocks right now.

        • Alan

          Like fear.

  • John Fairplay

    5. The closeness of the Measure 64 vote. Guarantees it will be back, and will pass in a non-Obama year. May force the Legislature to pass some watered-down version to try and stave off tough Sizemore measure.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Look, if the stock market tanks, it is not really due to Obama incompetance. He has promised to raise capitol gains, even though he has been reminded endlessly that this will reduce revenue. Tax increases often do. OK, well that does define incompetance. But anyway, you have to expect people to sell off in anticipation of that. The problem is, the market is low, so the situation really screws people because many want to sell early in case Obama makes the tax retroactive. The lessons of Clinton have not been forgotten.

    I see one other nice thing about the election. It is an honest chance for Democrats to come clean. They had no problem with Clinton firing all the US attorneys just to get rid of one in Ark., but a big problem with Bush firing 7 or 8. For this they have rightly been accused of duplicity. Everyone wants to get to the bottom of the financial scandel, so let us wait and see if the Democrats fully comply with the FBI investigation, starring Senator Chris Dodd in the hotseat. If they fully comply, and dont stifle or shut down the investigation, it will go a long way to restoring their lack of credibility on their contention that the financial bailout was all George Bush’s fault.

    Which brings us to the last good thing about the election.

    We will be done with the phrase “Its all George Bush’s fault” in the first month or two of an Odama administration. There will be one last hurrah as Obama comes in, says the financial situation is worse than he thought because Bush cooked the books. Thats standard operating procedure. The tas increase will be passed, and we can all move on.

    Who knows, maybe the word “neo-con”, a word that oddly did less to define those to whom it was applied and more to define the one using it, will finally be dropped.

    • dean

      One nice thing about the election is we are out from under the yoke of a badly failed presidency. We get to try something else for a while, and if that doesn’t work we can try something else again. Its a great and enduring country in that we get to throw the bums out when they screw up, or keep them when they do good. Had we failed to throw these bums out on their keesters that would have been a failure on our (citizens) part.

      A second nice thing is our nation elected an African-American president. Having grown up in a very racist family in a very racist city, I never thought this would have been possible in my lifetime. A nation is stronger when everyone in it has a real, not just imagined opportunity to rise to the top. We’ve come a long way since slavery and Jim Crow and we should be proud of that, irrespective of how we feel about Obama’s policy positions.

      Neocon…short for neo-conservative, is a term made up by those who share a common philosophy about a strong, activist, conservative government, as opposed to the classic conservative idea of a small, limited, weak government.

      From the horse’s mouth, Irving Kristol himself

      “Neocon” became a pejorative because its proponents were the brains behind invading and occupying a nation that was not a threat to us. They still have some splaining to do.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        >Having grown up in a very racist family in a very racist city,

        Well, at least now we know where your tendancy towards ugly racialism comes from.

        • dean

          Guilt by association with my family? If that floats your kayak Rupert, then enjoy the moment.

          Let me tell you a story. At my community college the whites and blacks were openly hostile to each other. I was elected co-captain of our basketball team along with a black guy, who was by the way a way better basketball player than me. Our coach was black. He wanted to go uniform shopping, and I told him of a place in my neighborhood. Big mistake. We went there together and when my street gang friends saw me with him they came over and hreatened tobeat the sh*t out of both of us if I didn’t get that n****r out of the neighborhood.

          Yep. that is what i grew up with. Racist family, racist neighborhood, racist friends, and racist city all embedded in a deeply racist nation. Where did you grow up Rupert? Pleasantville?

          I moved away from all that, and I’m celebrating a historic event for my nation. You can call me anything you want Rupert. I don’t give a fig. I know who I am.

          • Rupert in Springfield

            Obviously you do give a fig about what I think otherwise you wouldn’t to be trying to justify your racialism with the coach/community college gang story.

            I think its good you gave us an explanation from where your racialism descends and why you feel justified in such repellent behaviour. That doesn’t make it any more appropriate in modern discourse, but it is fascinating to see your rationalization of it. For that I am thankful.

          • dean

            And you are most welcome….to your stubborn, continued, and obviously willfull ignorance.

      • Crawdude

        If you break down the loses nationally, it was the neo-cons not the conservative Republicans that lost their re-election bids. Hopefully this is the last we see of them and this will re-focus the GOP and allow it to re-connect with the public.

        This recession is a wildcard, no one knows what will be coming down the pike. The business as usual politicians from both sides may soon find themselves on the outside looking in.

        • eagle eye

          This is the first time I have heard this claim. Would you care to elaborate with some examples?

  • Anonymous

    5. Gordon Smith is gone.

    • anonymous

      Isn’t a RINO in the caucus better than a Socialist (albeit a neophyte still wet behind the ears Socialist)?

  • Not Your Friend

    That jerk Al Franken will have to figure out what to do with his failing comedy career.

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