Open tribute to Dave Reinhard

The Oregonian’s Dave Reinhard wrote his last column this week. He will be missed. What better way to praise him than to hear the words of the people he impacted.

“What Oregon liberals don’t know about the Dave Reinhard they love to hate is that he is an exceedingly nice guy. Dave is a true gentleman – a class act whose body of work contributed mightily to the usually one sided political discourse in Oregon. His voice will be dearly missed.”
-Rob Kremer
KXL Radio Host

“A few years back, I read a book entitled The Republican Right Since 1945 and discovered amazingly that it had been written by our own Dave Reinhard. It was a great history lesson. Dave was a ship of sanity in a sea of Portland liberalism. He will be missed.”
State Rep.
Matt Wingard

“Reinhard would be the only reporter to write on certain issues. We ripped those columns out of the paper and made hundreds of copies to show people the news they were not hearing. We often lost the original and made copies of the copies and even copies of those copies which resulted in bluring of his photo until the point it looked like he had a beard.”
Jason Williams
Taxpayer Association of Oregon

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dave Reinhard off and on during all his years at the Oregonian. During that time, I found Dave to be anything but a shill for conservative or Republican ideas. Dave was never afraid to give it to me straight – to tell me some idea I had for him to write about stunk. That he could stand being the only conservative working at the paper for so long is a testament to his courage, his dedication and the strength of his stomach. I’ll miss having Dave at the Oregonian, but I suspect there are greater things ahead for him.”
Matt Evans
Wagontire Consulting

“Dave has always demonstrated integrity and honesty in his approach to journalism. He openly acknowledges his conservative perspective, and intelligently analyses issues from that perspective. It is too bad The Oregonian didn’t have more people of his capability and perspective – and now it has none.”
Kevin Mannix

“Dave has done a terrific job. Always very articulate, convincing and credible — my favorite! I hope and pray he will find a way to continue his much needed messages.”
Bill Moshofsky
Oregonians In Action

“Dave was a keynote speaker here at one of our Harney County Republican Dinners. He was teriffic. He came all the way over to join with the conservatives in Eastern Oregon, work on issues with us and take back our perspective to the Oregonian. His conservative words will be missed in the Oregonian. I am not sure any of us understand how he stayed and did the heavy conservative lifting on that editorial board for so long.”
Tim Smith
2nd Congressional District,
Oregon Republican Party

“I’ve known Dave for most of his 22 years at The Oregonian. He’s always been a thoughtful “alternative” voice on an increasingly monolithic editorial board. His voice will be missed there, but it’s good to see that he will still play an active part in Oregon public policy.”
Steve Buckstein
Senior Policy Analyst and founder
Cascade Policy Institute

“David Reinhard has been a breath of fresh air in Oregon politics…his political insight, journalistic courage, and common sense will be missed beyond words. Oregonians & The Oregonian owe for his many years of being a sane voice in the wilderness.”
Jayne Carroll
Radio Host KUIK Radio

“On a weekly basis Dave Reinhard hoisted his rapier and sliced into the left leaving a column that was a rhetorical equivalent of a snowflake: unique, meticulous, and well designed. In return for his efforts he received feces covered hate mail, sneers from the Portland “Liberatti” and few opportunities to participate in local salons. Reinhard is as fierce a friend as he is a champion of conservative causes. One year I was included in the Portland City Club’s Annual “Rant” along with Jack Ohman, the Oregonian’s political cartoonist, and Scott Moore, then the potty mouthed star child of the Portland Mercury. While the two men didn’t venture much past their prepared remarks, there was a point at which I provoked them off script and into the land of ad lib. Good natured (I thought) argument ensued. I took out my verbal C-4, affixed the blasting cap, and pulled out a match. A couple of days later, a sheepish Reinhard called me to ask if I was mad at his friend Ohman. He didn’t want any hard feelings.”
Victoria Taft
Radio Host

“Dave, what took you so long?”
Tim Lyman

“David Reinhard was certainly a breath of fresh air at The Oregonian and he will be solely missed. But more than that, his reasoning and writing would make him a standout at any publication, regardless of its political persuasion. Few people can write as persuasively and still be fun to read. David does with prose what Jack Ohman does with caricature. He makes you think in ways you otherwise would not have.”
Darrell Fuller
Independent Auto Dealers Assoc.


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  • eagle eye

    Yes, he will be missed. I wish him all the best in his new career. I hope the Oregonian can find someone to play a similar role.

  • Pheobe

    Everyone asks why did he stay so long. He did it for us. For that I am grateful.

  • Jack Roberts

    I want to echo everything that was said above but particularly Rob Kremer’s comment about Dave Reinhard being a gentleman. I would go beyond that and say he was positively one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, not just in the media or politics but in life generally.

    While I normally contacted Dave to let him now how much I liked one of his pieces, we occasionally disagreed and I was sometimes a little harsh in expressing my disagreement. Dave always took it in stride and while he wouldn’t back down (and generally gave as good as he took), he never became defensive or personalized the disagreement.

    I have always been amazed at the vicious reactions he provoked among liberals. I can only assume most of the letterwriters and bloggers never met Dave or they would not have been able to say or write the things they did.

    Dave, you will be sorely missed at the Oregon. But I have a feeling you’ll make your presence felt in Salem.

    • cc

      “I can only assume most of the letterwriters and bloggers never met Dave or they would not have been able to say or write the things they did.”

      If it makes your world more warm and fuzzy, go ahead and assume
      that. Your naive assessment of these folks’ motivations explains a lot about your interactions with the real world of politics these last few years

      Wishing for civility won’t make it so, I’m afraid. The world has changed – ignore the reality of viciousness at your peril.

      Turning the other cheek just gets you two bloody cheeks.

      …and boorish, lunatic laughter at your foolishness for doing so.

      • John Fairplay

        “Turning the other cheek just gets you two bloody cheeks.”

        Yes, and it got Jesus hung up on a cross. But that didn’t make it wrong.

        • cc

          “Yes, and it got Jesus hung up on a cross. But that didn’t make it wrong.”

          Oh, well, yeah, John. Leaving aside the whole Jesus is God thing, that’s a telling point.

          I’m sure, at the second coming, you’ll get extra credit.

          Take a freakin’ pill and calm down. Read my comment in context and start again. we’re on the same side here and I, for one, am sick of getting beat up.

          Maybe you like it – there’s no accounting for taste.

  • David

    David Reinhard was certainly no saint. He created as much heat as he complained about. He was frequently wrong, as in his column about a AGU article last summer purportedly showing that anthropogenic global warming was false. He was clearly wrong, on several clear, factual points, but never ever corrected himself or his words. Anyone who knew anything at all about the subject immediately knew Reinhard was full of it.

    Should such a person be lauded? Obviously not.

    Reinhard was, in the end, just another hack trying to advance his party line. He cared little for the truth, and only cared for what would advance his personal ideology and his political party. This is a weak excuse for a man. Any monkey can sit at a typewriter for 20 years and write what he’s told. But it’s a rare man who has the intelligence, fortitude, stamina, and wisdom to go his own way, when required, and write the truth regardless of consequence.

    Reinhard was, unfortunately, not that man. He knows was only a flack — a tool of other men. And, of course, you can’t hide something like that for long.

    We know him as well.

    • eagle eye

      On what “clear, factual points” was he “clearly wrong”?

      Surely you don’t think that antrhopogenic global warming is an open and shut, “clear, factual point”?

      • David

        Several letters to the editor in the Oregonian the next 2 days detailed his many errors of fact and omission.

        (And, yes, according to most of the world’s scientists, all of its governments, and all of its august scientific bodies, AGW is a clearly proven hypothesis.)

        • eagle eye

          I don’t believe that AGW is a “clearly proven hypothesis”, unless you mean the trivial point that there is in all likelihood SOME warming from the release of greenhouse gases. The extent of the human-caused warming is very unclear, and that is the nub of the matter. Even the “mainstream” numbers are merely estimates with a wide range of uncertainty. I have seen credible estimates that vary by more than an order of magnitude (factor of 10) — ranging from rather innocuous to very alarming.

          All of the statements from all of the scientific societies in the world will not change this situation.

  • Anonymous

    Global warming David 16:29,
    Reinhard wasn’t wrong at all.

    You like every other AGW fanatic straw manned out something he and others never said then called them liars.
    One of you typical stunts. Talk about hacks. Your’e the hackiest.

    Your ludicours diatribe against Reinhard speaks for itself but I’ll
    have to ask, have you found the lead editorials good advice over the years?

  • ranchin granny

    I have read Dave’s articles every time I could and I found him to be stimulating although not in complete agreement with my personal opinions. But that is what makes a great journalist – stir the thinking! Many get too set in a think pattern and are not willing to open up and let the light in. Dave could do that, if a person would let him.

  • eagle eye

    I did a google and came up with this column from last July:

    It is a good column and he didn’t get things wrong.

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