Lars Larson on Jasmine the tree-sitter

Let’s talk for just a moment about Jasmine the tree-sitter in Salem.

You may have heard on the radio news about Jasmine the tree-sitter. She’s a young college student sitting up in a tree in Salem. She’s unhappy and the group that she’s associated with is unhappy, too, because they believe Oregon logging should not increase.

There is a thing called WOPR, the Western Oregon Plan Revision, that they say would increase logging in Oregon on public lands by about 436%. Now, you say, “I think that would be a great idea, to increase logging in this state within sustained yield. That you can log at those levels indefinitely. Always growing more trees than you actually cut down.”

But, you see, Oregon has decided to follow the path of the environmental extremists who say “no logging is good logging.” Because of that, they are bound and determined to bankrupt this state, its counties, its schools, its roads and eventually its citizens.

Jasmine the tree-sitter is just a naïve part of that plan.

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