School Funding Surprise

I have been taking some mental notes as reports of next year’s school budgets being passed in the areas school districts show healthy increases across the board.
Here’s the "stable" news:
Sherwood increased 16%
Tigard Tualatin increased 12%
West Linn-Wilsonville increased 9.5%
Beaverton increased 9%
Hillsboro increased 10%
Forest Grove increased 9%

Voters take note.
Your elected officials have achieved stable school funding without even knowing it.
Of course these are more of the go-go years like the 90s when there was "too much money" and the addiction to spending it all will repeat the calls for even more when the economy takes the next dip.  Demands and lawsuits for the $2 billion "Quality Education (concocted)Model" increase makes for an interesting election year.
And just imagine how entertaining it will be as the endless drum beat to repeal M5, the kicker and double majority pile on.  Along with adding a sales tax of course.
Plus I can already hear the echo chamber that the increases this year are really cuts. It’s deja-school all over again.