Kevin Mannix: Success with crime campaign

By Kevin Mannix,

With the election behind us, and the 2009 legislature having to contemplate tight budgets, we need to remember that the people have spoken quite loudly in favor of tough anti-crime efforts. While Measure 57 is weaker than Measure 61, Measure 57 still represents a step forward. In terms of general concepts, here is the ballot title that voters affirmed with a 61% YES vote:

Increases sentences for drug trafficking, theft against elderly and specified repeat property and identity theft crimes; requires addiction treatment for certain offenders.

Not only did Measure 57 receive 61.4% of the vote, it received over 1 million votes: more than Barack Obama and more than Jeff Merkley. Now, the challenge is to make sure the Oregon Legislature does not backslide on Measure 57. The good news is that a Mannix constitutional amendment from 1994 (Measure 10) requires a two-thirds vote of the House and a two-thirds vote of the Senate for any legislation which reduces a prison sentence established by a vote of the people. Measure 57 is protected by that provision.

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  • devietro

    Interesting, I never thought I would see the day where Mr. Mannix endoreses M57 since it was specifically designed to gut his measure. But politics does make strange bedfellows.

  • dean

    I noticed that Mr Mannix still does not suggest where we get the money, and now with a project 1 billion dollar budget shortage. Brilliant work. Prisons over schools.

  • Jesse O

    Tough anti-crime efforts?

    What Kevin Mannix told Oregon voters in the voters pamphlet is quite different than the above:

    “a vote in favor of politician Measure 57 is a vote against mandatory minimum prison sentences for convicted meth dealers, auto thieves, burglars (home invasions), and identity thieves… A vote for politician Measure 57 also maintains probation on a first conviction for these crimes. This is a catch and release clause… vote NO on politician Measure 57…. You can’t have it both ways.”

    Mannix also said:
    “Mannix said a mandatory sentence for drug and property crimes is needed because so many offenders are given probation that it has become “a joke that’s also an insult to the victims of crime.””

    So he’s now excited about an insult? Kevin, you can’t have it both ways.

  • cc

    “I noticed that Mr Mannix still does not suggest where we get the money, and now with a project 1 billion dollar budget shortage. Brilliant work. Prisons over schools.”

    Well dean, since your D fellow-travelers referred this bill, you need to chide them for their short-sightedness – not Mannix.

    If only you weren’t such a dishonest, blatant hypocrite. If only you were so genuinely (snort!) concerned about ALL spending and not just that for policies and purposes with which you disagree. If only you didn’t trot out idiotic, timeworn straw men like your “Prisons over schools” and expect anyone to do more than yawn.

    Have you so soon forgotten about your own comment, in another thread, that “Smart, successful people figure out how to have both…”? Try talking out of just one side of your mouth at a time.

    Don’t tell me that the D majority in the state Legislature isn’t just packed full of “Smart, successful people…”. Don’t you worry your little head, deanie, they’ll fix everything.

    “So he’s now excited about an insult? Kevin, you can’t have it both ways.”

    So much for bi-partisanship, huh, Jesse? True colors and all that. Your type (and dean’s) are only in it for the destructive gloating and any hint at a pragmatic outcome is just no fun, is it? Liberalism at its finest.

    Small minds think alike.

    • dean

      We can have timber and owls if we accept the reality that this is LESS timber than we might cut if we didn’t care about owls. We can have more prisons and better schools if we acept the reality that this requires MORE funding. And I expect that our smart Democratic legislators, who now have enough votes to pass a tax increase, will figure that out.

  • JesseO

    I’m happy to be bipartisan if my opponents aren’t duplicitous and disingenous.

    • cc

      “I’m happy to be bipartisan if my opponents aren’t duplicitous and disingenous.”

      Oh, I see. You’ll behave if only others will- otherwise you eel justified in acting like a jerk.

      Such a sophisticated approach.

  • Harry

    If only you didn’t trot out idiotic, timeworn straw men like your “Prisons over schools” and expect anyone to do more than yawn.


    That was really Laugh Out Loud funny.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Although I would have preferred the more stringent Measure 61, it is high time we get along with improving our catch and release prison/jail situation.

    I would suggest given the current budget surplus that the state begin immediately fully staffing all jails and prisons and start immediate construction for those in any sort of advanced state of planning. Still, in these down economic times, I would suggest it is somewhat unseemly for a government so obviously flush with money not to cut back a little. I mean it is a little bit like the Auto CEO’s flying in on a corporate jet to beg for taxpayer money, you just cant take cries of poverty very seriously.

    Some suggestions:

    1 – Eliminate the special police unit that is now on its sixth run of tracking down unlicensed movers. We have plenty of murderers and rapists patiently waiting their turn. When you have a budget surplus to the extent you can assign special units to prosecute this sort of thing, its really unseemly to say you have to set felons free.

    2 – Eliminate electrical fetishism as a government sanctioned activity. – Look if you indulge in weird highway lighting solar projects that result in electrical power at roughly five times the market cost simply because some ODOT director saw an OPB special on German solar panels, that’s the equivalent of a government cocaine addiction. It is often said a coke habit is Gods way of telling you you have too much money. Likewise the fetish for expensive gourmet electricity is Gods way of saying government has way too big a surplus.

    3 – Stop talking about engaging in road projects to create jobs. – That’s a task, not job creation. If you start a company with the view to hire people long term, that’s creating jobs. If you hire someone to pave your driveway, that’s hiring for a task, you haven’t created a job. If you tax people to hire someone to perform a task, that’s robbing Peter to pay Paul because you think you are better and spending Peters money than Peter is. That aint job creation and embarking on a whole bunch of road projects just to keep people busy doing something is again a sign you have way too much money.

    In short, just as few have sympathy for beggars in corporate jets, even fewer have sympathy for governments with corporate jet sensibilities.

    • dean

      Rupert…have you calculated the net government savings from your suggestions? Would they add up to the new prison construction and stafing costs? If not, please keep digging.

      On your “job’ versus a “task.” I’m a landscape architect, and my job is essentially dependent on a sequence of tasks assigned to me by a succession of clients. So by your definition I don;t have a job, I have a 30 year succession of tasks. Isn’t the same true for anyone who goes from project to project? Isn’t the same true for an assembly line worker who produces or attaches this bit to this car, then another bit to another car?

      Sure…an indidivdual road project is only a task. And if there are enough road projects over a long enough time those tasks add up to a job. On the other hand laying off 1 million auto and suply workers ends a lot of jobs no longer needed to do the task of assembling cars.

      Its not a question of who is “better” at spending who’s money. It is a question of spending Peter (and Paul’s) money on tasks that benefit everyone, but that no one would want to pay for on their own.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    “Help Help….Officer, it was horrible, I hired a mover who didn’t have a permit…….I’m devastated.”

    An that’s how it all ended for 69 year old Edith Mitchell, just a poor little old lady who got ensnared in the horrors of a guy with a van who didn’t have a moving permit.

    One day you are a cute little old lady sitting at home minding her own business, the next thing you know, it turns out the guy who moved your ottoman didn’t have a permit.

    Don’t let this happen to you.

    Don’t let your crummy old furniture become a victim of another senseless act of non permitted guy with a van.

    Don’t think that once you get trapped in this seductive web there is any escape for you.

    Avoid it.

    Teach your children the horrors of it.

    And if you or a loved one ever becomes caught in the bottomless downhill spiral that will ruin your life seek treatment.

    Moving permits not only save lives, they can save your very soul.

    This message sponsored by The Governors Task Force On Illegal Movers – The Thin Blue Line That Fines The Econoline!

  • Bono

    Kevin, we citiznes thank you from the bottom of our hearts for putting up the measures. You are representing the people better than the elected officials. The newspaper may not be happy but we average folks are. Crime should be a no-brianer.

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