One billion shortfall is incorrect

By Richard Leonetti,
Oregon Tax News

If you got the impression from headlines that spending by the State of Oregon had to fall by almost $1 billion in the next two years you would be wrong. What the revenue office really said was that revenue was expected to fall by $946 million from earlier projections but the new projection still was for an increase of $900 million or so. Instead of falling, revenue is expected to increase 3.5% per year for the next two years. This means the state revenue will increase from $15.2 billion to $16.1 billion.

In this very low inflation, maybe deflationary, time a 3.5% increase each year is short of what the Governor would like to spend. He is in this box because of wage increases slightly more than this amount and new programs he would like to start.

Given the current times most taxpayers cannot expect this size of raise (if they are fortunate to keep their jobs) so maybe the state should renegotiate their labor costs and look closely at the need for new spending before they start raising fees and taxes.

And in the trickle down to K-12 teachers, if you do maintain the raises, maybe the school teachers could help the kids out by adding 3.5% each year to the length of the school year. They would lose no income, and the kids and they would still have an extremely short work/study year.

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    The only thing more predictable than the greed of government and those that run it is the poor mouthing of those who are its servants. No matter what the increase or the exorbitance of the taxes and fees, “not fully funded” is the refrain we shall hear from governments minions when their play toy programs fail.

    I personally think government should be run in a hybrid manner. There should be a baseline level of taxes all pay, police, fire schools. Above and beyond that it should be run like UNICEF or SAVE THE CHILDREN. You want to pay more and sponsor a diversity manger at the DMV? Here is how much it costs to feed and cloth just one diversity manager. Wont you please help? If we can get just 100 people to each commit to $5 a day, less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks, we could sponsor this diversity manager. You will even get a picture of who you are sponsoring, as well as monthly progress reports on how the office decorating is going.

    Prevailing wage law? Same thing. Baseline taxes pay for work done on government projects at the prevailing wage, the real prevailing wage, not the inflated union BS that is the current system. However we have a parallel UNICEF program that distributes additional funds contributed by those who feel a guy running a broom or a mop should make $60k a year in wages and benefits. Issue special “I contributed, so I care” license plate to these fools if you want.

    This would also bring in additional revenue to the state in other ways. Workers on large construction projects would hire advertising consultants to drum up support for the UNICEF fund. Appeals would go out to the public to contribute so those nice flaggers could make more, thanks to nice contributors like you. The NRA raises funds this way, as does OPB. Sally Fields made a career of this sort of thing. I see no reason for it not to work here.

    ****Oh my God, spell check recognizes NRA but not OPB?????? Alright, I was upset when if I misspelled Obama it would recognize what I meant but not with McCain. I guess me and Mr. spell check are back on friendly terms again……Commie spell check, all is forgiven….I love you*****

    • cc

      Rupert, you ungrateful wretch, aren’t you aware that ALL government functions are irreplaceable and necessary, and that more is BETTER? Why, the very air we breathe is provided by government.

      Some people just don’t appreciate the sacrifices government employees make on their behalf.

      If you don’t believe me, I have a little friend in Damascus who will set you straight – although, by all appearances, he doesn’t use spell check, so please make allowances.

      • Gienie

        How is Dean… I dare say I miss him a bit???

        • dian

          Why? He doesn’t add anything, just same old, same old.

  • Gienie

    Referring to the time spent in schools……… Springfield School District had 3 days off wrapped around the holiday. They missed Thursday, Friday, plus the weekend (of course) but they missed yesterday too because it was declared “grading day”. Ummmm??? On top of that, they have late start this week (meaning they start an hour later than usual) because of “teacher planning”. And the list goes on…

    Last week, I pulled my oldest out of class because his teacher wanted to “reward” the children for good behavior by letting them watch a movie (Polar Express)…which has no educational value whatsoever, and lasts nearly 2 hours.

    We own the movie ourselves, and I think it’s a complete waist of classroom time. Rewarding kids for good behavior doesn’t have to be that elaborate.

    And where’s the accountability??

  • jonescreekranch

    it’s been a long time since I was in school but, don’t they give out grades for good behavior? Is that not good enough anymore?

    • dean

      No…this is the age of continuous affirmation. You are god enough, smart enough, and by golly people like you. Now go do your homework.

      • cc

        “…although, by all appearances, he doesn’t use spell check, so please make allowances.” – ‘cc’

        “You are god enough…” – ‘dean’

        That didn’t take long.


        • dean

          Genuses don’t need to spill corektly. Its the idears that mater.

        • Davis

          Besides, in defense of spell-check, since “god” is a word, correctly spelled – although not necessarily meaning the same thing as the intended “good” – no check would have picked it up.

          (I simply couldn’t resist pointing out the obvious flaw of relying on spell-check) And if Dean is correct, I think it is shameful to so lightly regard the worth of an idea as to frame it with poor spelling and grammar. Perhaps that is why many geniuses don’t get into print. 😉

          • cc

            “I think it is shameful to so lightly regard the worth of an idea as to frame it with poor spelling and grammar. Perhaps that is why many geniuses don’t get into print.”

            I simply couldn’t resist pointing out that most spell checks now check syntax and grammar, as well as spelling – therefore, your statement that “…no check would have picked it up.” is erroneous.

            dean doesn’t use spell check because, in his misplaced hubris, he thinks he doesn’t need spell check. Like so many assumptions dean makes, this one is wrong. The devil, as you know, is in the details, and the neglect of details like correct grammar and spelling can be a harbinger of neglect toward other details – like facts, figures and logic. Faith, however, can overcome such trifles and that’s what keeps him ticking. “Faith” and “genius” are two terms best not juxtaposed by the prudent.

            And while I’m on the subject of erroneous assumptions, Davis, exactly what “idea” did Einstein – I mean dean – have that is so blindingly brilliant as to transcend the simple convention of correct spelling and grammar? Perhaps that is why many people who THINK they’re geniuses don’t get into print – leaving aside your unsupported assertion that they ARE geniuses. The often-demonstrated handicap of “…poor spelling and grammar…” obviously hasn’t hindered the prolix genius, dean, from “…getting into print.” His “ideas” are splattered across the intertubes and serve to taint the Damascus Observer with tiresome twaddle that diminishes what little credibility that rag has.

            Try to be a little more selective in your crusades as the protector and defender of illiterate geniuses, Davis – and a little less quick to label as “shameful” that which you do not fully comprehend.

            Have a nice day.

          • dean

            What I find interesting is I am the only Catalyst poster who you seem to feel the need to spell check. Now why is that? Between spell checking me and hurling personal insults at whomever you disagree with, you don’t seem to have much to offer the world.

          • cc

            “What I find interesting is I am the only Catalyst poster who you seem to feel the need to spell check. Now why is that?”

            If ya gotta ask…

            Your carelessness is your own business, deaner. It makes me laugh and I like to laugh. DON’T use spell check, I don’t care. I don’t care about ANYTHING you do or don’t do – except insofar as it amuses or otherwise entertains me.

            For instance: your characterization of my response to “Davis” as a “personal insult” betrays either your ignorance or (more likely) your usual obfuscatory bent. A “personal insult” is an insult directed at a person (duh) – it is not a correction, admonition, disagreement or contradiction of a person’s ideas or opinions. The feigned inability to distinguish this is one of your stock ploys. Why don’t you dial back your insufferable patronizing a bit and let “Davis” speak for himself.

            Unless, of course, I hurt YOUR little feelings, you empathic softie, you.


            PS: I DON’T have much to offer *your* world, pal, but you get what I do have for free – deal with it.

          • dean

            cc…I meant that you hurl personal insults as part of your normal M.O. I did not mean you hurled a personal insult at Davis. Though I imagine if he keeps admonishing you that will come soon enough. But given his erudition I would caution you against that.

            A “personal insult” can include belittling, harsh sarcasm, using “Deanie” or “Barry” in lieu of one’s actual name, and other tactics intended to diminish or abash the one being argued with. In other words, any attempt to use rudeness as a way of discounting ideas or proposals, as opposed to to debating the ideas themselves.

            Beyond that, you seem to have taken the time to look up my writings for the Observer, to make yourself familiar with some of my other writings, and to bring my farm and other trappings into your area of interest. That implies a level of obsession with me that is borderline unhealthy, even if it is in the service of your amusement.

            Anyway…try sticking to the idea debate absent the rudeness and see if you can make that work.

            And for Davis below…yes…tung was in cheik.

          • Hilo

            Well Dean you do have a fan club. Keep up the work.

          • Davis

            “The devil, as you know, is in the details,” — cc on 2008-12-02 @ 22:52

            Based on your response, a more apt colloquy would be: “One can’t see the forest for the trees”. Aside from the fact that the OC spell check is not one of those “most spell checks [that] now check syntax and grammar,(sic) as well as spelling…” the point is that it is no sign of genius to rely on any contraption in order to make oneself intelligible. (The [sic] is to point out the unnecessary comma)

            As to your second criticism wherein you pondered (erroneously) “what ‘idea’ did … dean … have that is so blindingly brilliant….”, as if I was either defending or excusing Dean, you only reinforced my point. The statement that apparently raised your ire was: “I think it is shameful to so lightly regard the worth of an idea as to frame it with poor spelling and grammar.” That comment was in direct response to Dean’s claim in # (hopefully made with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek) that spelling doesn’t matter since it’s only the idea that counts.

            While I have no quarrel with those studies that point out that the brain can easily overlook spelling and even separate into its composite words a sentence written with no spaces, I still believe that one can be much more effective in written communication if one carefully observes proper spelling and grammar. If I were to mount any kind of crusade, it would be to improve education by eliminating government-run schools. In the meantime, I will continue to view people who pop off without adequate understanding or comprehension of what another has said with less than full respect.

          • cc

            Unnecessary comma?

            That’s a stylistic point you may wish to make, but I disagree. Grammatically, it can go either way.

            If you’d like to discuss minutiae, I’m happy to oblige. Whether OC’s spell check does or doesn’t do more than its eponymous function is not really the point. You did write “…NO check…” (emphasis mine), after all. dean knows he’s a careless speller and, apparently, stills disdains their use. One can, believe it or not, compose one’s comments in other applications which do have enchanced spell check. Your proposed colloquy might read backward in a mirror, but I suggest you try it. You seem to wish to deflect my point by directing attention at the moss among the trees rather than the trees themselves.

            I made the point that dean is a careless speller. I extrapolated that carelessness to other, arguably more important, issues. I then admonished you to excercise care in choosing whom, and, by extension, whose ideas, to defend.

            “Besides, in defense of spell-check, since “god” is a word, correctly spelled – although not necessarily meaning the same thing as the intended “good” – no check would have picked it up.”

            You popped off a comment that began with a smirky, inane point about spell-checks that was about as succinct and incisive as it was memorable. You “progressed” to a statement that was breathtakingly poorly written.

            “(I simply couldn’t resist pointing out the obvious flaw of relying on spell-check) And if Dean is correct, I think it is shameful to so lightly regard the worth of an idea as to frame it with poor spelling and grammar. Perhaps that is why many geniuses don’t get into print.”

            Let’s see…

            If dean is “incorrect”, do you disavow your “shameful” condemnation, or do you stand by it? Perhaps a well-placed comma would have reduced the mystery, but I doubt it – it’s a hopelessly meaningless sentence.

            How does the application of the rules of spelling and grammar to an idea necessarily imply that its worth is “lightly regard(ed)”? Was there actually an idea contained in dean’s attempt at humor? If so, it was “regarded” with all due weight.

            Do you have any data at all that support your assertion that “…many geniuses don’t get into print.”, or was that just rhetorical pap?

            You certainly won’t get any argument from me about the worth of government-run schools, but I didn’t attend one. I was taught that one earned respect and dean hasn’t earned mine.

            You can “view” me any way you like – I won’t be offended – heck, I won’t even notice.

          • dean

            No cc…you have it wrong. Dean is not a “careless” speller, as in having no care. He simply values his time over perfection and limits his proofreading of posts to a quick once-over. For some reason on my computer the Catalyst spell check is disabled. On another computer I sometimes use it is “abled.”

            But with you ever on the alert to catch my mis-spellings (and amused in the bargain), it makes me even lazier about it. It’s like welfare dontcha know. You keep your spell and grammer checks coming and I can work even less hard.

            As for “data” to support the assertion Davis made regarding geniuses not getting into print, I imagine that is like the proverbial tree falling in the forest with no one around to hear the sound. Steve Biko once described life in the Soweto slums as smart or dumb, you grow up here, work as a slave and die right here. In other words genius in some cases is unrewarded due to birth circumstances and opression. It’s not hard to imagine millions of geniuses toiling away in the slums of India, Myanmar, or many other places who have been unable to learn to read, let alone get into print.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Good lord how long does it take for you guys to cut through the BS.

    Look, the point is, if someone continually posts and spelling errors are glaring then it is reasonable to assume they don’t spell check before posting as a simple course of habit.

    Basically that person is saying they felt it more reasonable to burden the reader rather than burden themselves. That gives one some idea of the value the writer places on their time versus their readers. Therefore that should give all some idea as how much to value the writers ideas. Basically the writer considers their time too valuable to use spell check. It is shear arrogance on the writers part to assume the readers time is less valuable to mentally correct spelling errors to assess what the writer is saying.

    Essentially if an idea is not worth spending a few seconds to spell check on the back end, probably not a lot of thought went into it in on the front end.

    • cc

      “Good lord how long does it take for you guys to cut through the BS.”

      It depends on how thick the BS is, Rupert.

      “Yuo’er jsut a bncuh of gumpry old wihney men! GET OEVR IT!”

      Hey, don’t read it if it bothers you – we’re having fun here…

      …at least I am.

      “Ime wit u Jeeney.”

      Of course you are deaner, of course you are…

      • Gienie

        CC I’ll have you know Dean and I are on the opposite sides of the spectrum regularly. He’s a tree hugger! I’m a stump hugger!

        nough said!

  • Gienie

    hloy cow popele! Wrdos dno’t hvae to be sepelld croecrlty in oderr to raed tehm.

    Yuo’er jsut a bncuh of gumpry old wihney men! GET OEVR IT!

    • dean

      Ime wit u Jeeney.

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