Vote for ability and character, not skin color or gender

by “Judahlevi”

Sadly, even Republicans have got into the business of pandering to the racists and sexists who feel that people need to see someone who shares their skin color or gender – otherwise they won’t vote for a candidate. They trotted out people at the Republican National Convention with different skin colors and genders like that made a difference. It doesn’t.

So let’s follow the logic of this ploy. Because people who happen to be a certain gender do not have the intelligence to vote for someone based on their principles, character, and competency unless they share their gender, we have to cater to their insecurities? Unless a person shares your skin color, you don’t have the intelligence to vote for a person only because they are the best candidate? No, you will only vote for them because their skin is as dark or light as yours. Isn’t it condescending to believe that any American voter will only vote for someone who just happens to share their gender or skin color?

What does a candidates’ skin color say about them? Absolutely nothing. What does a candidates’ gender say about them? Absolutely nothing. When we vote, we should vote for a candidate who shares our principles, has good character, and has the experience and credentials to be a competent leader. We should care less about their skin color or gender. If they are the best qualified and by an accident of genetics have green skin with pink polka dots, we should still vote for them.

But no, the Republican Party thinks the Democrats have something going with their identity politics game and they want to play too. Hispanics for Mitt? Women for Mitt? What about “Americans for Mitt?”

Only when these groups go away and people recognize that they are not defined by their skin color or gender will America finally grow up and realize that the adult in the room will vote for a candidate because of their ability and character, not their skin color or gender.