Vote for ability and character, not skin color or gender

by “Judahlevi”

Sadly, even Republicans have got into the business of pandering to the racists and sexists who feel that people need to see someone who shares their skin color or gender – otherwise they won’t vote for a candidate. They trotted out people at the Republican National Convention with different skin colors and genders like that made a difference. It doesn’t.

So let’s follow the logic of this ploy. Because people who happen to be a certain gender do not have the intelligence to vote for someone based on their principles, character, and competency unless they share their gender, we have to cater to their insecurities? Unless a person shares your skin color, you don’t have the intelligence to vote for a person only because they are the best candidate? No, you will only vote for them because their skin is as dark or light as yours. Isn’t it condescending to believe that any American voter will only vote for someone who just happens to share their gender or skin color?

What does a candidates’ skin color say about them? Absolutely nothing. What does a candidates’ gender say about them? Absolutely nothing. When we vote, we should vote for a candidate who shares our principles, has good character, and has the experience and credentials to be a competent leader. We should care less about their skin color or gender. If they are the best qualified and by an accident of genetics have green skin with pink polka dots, we should still vote for them.

But no, the Republican Party thinks the Democrats have something going with their identity politics game and they want to play too. Hispanics for Mitt? Women for Mitt? What about “Americans for Mitt?”

Only when these groups go away and people recognize that they are not defined by their skin color or gender will America finally grow up and realize that the adult in the room will vote for a candidate because of their ability and character, not their skin color or gender.

  • bartles

    Identity politics.

  • Whitey Aphrodite

    With the Democrats, it’s about pandering to their base of minority racists, with the Republicans, it’s about swing voters, who really do not have the intelligence to vote for someone based on principles, character, and competency, but make up their changeable minds based on emotional factors – like who looks like them.

  • valley person

    Republicans have dug a deep hole for themselves with every demographic in the nation except older white people. No one forced you guys to grab onto policies and positions that most people, black, Latino, young, female, and college educated, find objectionable. You did that all by your little selves, and now all you can do is trot out a few token darker skinned people to try and make up for it.

    Look at yourselves. Get over your resentment of others and join the new America.

  • Judahlevi

    Some people have missed the point of this article altogether. It is not about holes being “dug.” It is about ideas. It is about the faulty thinking that human beings are defined by something they had no control over; their skin color or gender.
    Republicans will win based on superior ideas and values, not based on catering to the lower instincts which use primitive groupings such as skin color, ethnicities, and genders. One of those superior ideas is that each person is a unique individual which cannot be boxed into a category based on their skin color or gender.
    Unfortunately, the racism and agesim comes from people who see the world in boxes such as “older white people.” They see the world the way a racist does, by skin color. They define people by only their skin color or age and assign values to them accordingly. To eliminate racism, sexism, or ageism each person must be judged by their own individual character, not their skin color, gender or age.
    There is nothing “New” about an America which judges people by skin color or gender. That is the “Old” America, not the new one.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Nice thought, but veering towards theory land rather than reality. Yes, it would be great if people voted on a persons ideas and character rather than their race or sex. The fact is in the real world that is not the case. I don’t like it, but the fact is identity politics works. The other fact is Democrats are light years ahead or Republicans on making identity politics work to their advantage.

    Take convention speaker Sandra Fluke as an example. This woman has what is perhaps the most idiotic political argument to surface in my lifetime. Briefly Flukes rise to fame is based on this narrative.

    As a 30 something professional student, I have a lot of sex. So much sex that I run up a $1,000 per year birth control tab. I went to a really expensive law school. When I got there, I found out its a Catholic school and they wont pay for my birth control. Someone else needs to pay for my birth control, because I cant get it together.

    This is taken as a reasonable narrative by the Democratic party. This is taken as a cause.The fact that it is absolutely inane makes no matter. The fact that Sandra Fluke is a woman makes all the difference. If you do not agree with her, you are waging war on women.

    It is total nonsense, but the fact is through day in and day out hammering away at Flukes insane proposition, it works.

    Do I like that it works? No, of course not. I would like to think the American people are better than that. The fact is they aren’t. Everyone would love to think they are but they aren’t.

    Does everyone wish that negative advertising didn’t work? Of course. Does everyone wish that McCarthyism didn’t work? The fact is it does, Hank Reids making up charges works on more people than we would like to admit.

    So get used to it, Just like negative advertising works, and just like Reids McCarthyism works, so too does identity politics. Republicans can learn to play or lose.

    • valley person

      You do realize your rant had nothing at all to do with what was in the original post right?

      Or should we be worried about you and send for help?

      • 3H

        And he worries about liberals frothing at the mouth?

    • Judahlevi

      I think you are being too cynical Rupert. Republicans can take the higher road and eventually win with it. There is no larger tent than the tent of individualism where all people are treated with respect rather than pitting groups of people against each other.
      The desire for political power cannot trump your principles. The American people know that the Democratic path is one of division and bankruptcy. They are looking for another vision. The Republicans must offer a different vision, not the same one. Jumping into the gutter of racial and gender politics with the Democrats will not work in the long run.

      • 3H

        What about the part where there are all sorts of groups that Republicans don’t like? Or have you found a way to get rid of the social conservatives?