Lars Larson on Gov. K’s new taxes

So why does the Governor say he needs $2 billion in new taxes for Oregon?

I know Ted Kulongoski says things before he even engages his brain. Now he says he needs $2 billion in new taxes. Not just increased taxes of other kinds but taxes on new things, like taxes on doctors and nurses and hospitals. Supposedly to make health care more affordable.

This is crazy stuff. Let me add it up for you. The last state budget in Oregon is 20% bigger. That’s the current one we are in””20% bigger than the one before, and, the Governor is getting 7½% more money beyond that just from the natural increase in taxes.

So, if you add that together that’s 27% over four years. That averages out to about a 6% annual increase, more than twice the rate of inflation.

The Governor has no business asking for $2 billion in additional taxes, especially during a down economy. That is not at all the kind of economic medicine that an ailing state and ailing nation need.

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