• cuttercowgirl

    This says it all. Hope for a change come November

  • DavidAppell

    3.67 millions jobs added in the private sector since July 2009, when the Bush crater finally hit bottom. 0.6 million gone from the government sector.

  • Judahlevi

    23 million Americans are out of work, have stopped looking for work, or are

    $16 trillion national debt (that’s $50,000 for every American)

    43 straight months of 8% or higher unemployment

    4 straight trillion dollar budget deficits in a row — more than any other
    president combined
    And watch some Democrats try to tell us how “wonderful” the economy is doing.
    It is amazing how blinding ideology can be.

    • DavidAppell

      No Democrats that I hear say the economy is “wonderful.” They say it’s still standing (which wasn’t clear after Bush got done with it) and getting better, and that returning to the same policies that caused the debacle would be utterly stupid.

      You can’t fool us — Republicans aren’t concerned about the deficit. If they were, they’d agree to raise federal government revenue, which are now back at the level of the late 1950s as a share of GDP. And they would have squawked loudly when Bush doubled the debt. Alas, they did not.

      The time to have reduced the debt was 2001, when Bush inherited a surplus. Instead he decided “it’s the people’s money” and gave it back to (rich) people, then went on to fight two unfunded wars and an unfunded expansion of Medicare.

      We’re on to you.

  • Oregon Engineer

    I am truly glad there are so many arm chair economists out there. Too bad the president can’t control the economy. The best any president can do is preside over what is happening.
    I keep hearing how we need to increase the taxes on the rich and how the middle class will get their taxes increased if the “rich” don’t pay more but I have not heard one politician of any stripe say “they” will lower the income tax rate for the rest of us. so until either party starts lowering taxes at all levels, local, federal, and state, and cuts spending so that I have more to save and spend just shut up.

    • David from Mill City

      Exactly what government programs do you think should be
      cut? At the National level, should it be
      clean water and air, safe food and drugs, disaster recovery, safe air travel, a safe banking system, the Interstate
      Highway System, a functioning broadcast TV system, interstate crime investigation
      and prosecution, protection from exploitive employers, coins and currency, the
      Social Security and Medicare benefits you and your parents have paid for, border and transportation security, a Civil
      Court system, copyrights and patents, Drug,
      Technical and Scientific research, our worldwide system Consulates and Embassies,
      the State Department or National Defense that is to be cut or eliminated.

      At the State and Local level should it be public safety,
      public health, the k-12 school system, higher education, safe buildings,
      pothole free streets, parks, a title and registration system for cars and
      boats, clean drinking water, sewage free streets, flood control, disaster response,
      public libraries, school sport facilities,
      clean rivers and streams, a Civil Court System, a way to enforce private
      contracts, safe and reliable electricity, or fire protection that is to be cut
      or eliminated.

      Specifically, what do you want cut or eliminated so your
      taxes could be reduced. More importantly which of the programs or services you
      want to be cut do you think you could get enough support from other voters to
      cause Congress or the State Legislature to cut and the President or Governor to
      agree? Remember every service, program or regulatory system currently in effect
      was at one time had enough public support to be adopted by a majority of
      Congress, the State Legislature, County Commission or City Council and signed
      by the President, Governor or Mayor. And most of them have active and vocal constituencies
      working to defend or expand them.

      Calling for reduced taxes is easy, it is cutting government
      to make the tax cuts responsible is the hard task. And cutting taxes without
      cutting government is irresponsible.

    • DavidAppell

      Newsflash: Personal taxes are at levels not seen in decades:

  • Judahlevi

    For those who cannot understand, there are two ways to cure deficits, not just one. And cure them we must. The US cannot afford to continue to run trillion dollar deficits the way Obama wants to. Just as you cannot keeping runnning up credit card debt without eventually going bankrupt, a country cannot run up its debt without very bad consequences. Just look at Europe.
    The ‘cure’ for deficits is getting rid of a president who thinks the country’s budget is his personal wallet and cutting federal spending. Obama promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. Instead, he increased our national deficit by over 50%. And his future budgets only continue to pile on more debt by the trillions.
    Romney has the financial skill and business acumen to know that Obama’s upward debt spiral must end. He will reduce federal spending. He will get us back onto a course of balancing the budget. Obama won’t.
    Those are the real choices we face in November.

    • David from Mill City

      As a Nation we are facing two separate economic problems; an
      increasing National Debt, a long term problem and a high unemployment rate, an
      immediate crisis. Each requires a
      different set of responses by the Federal Government to solve them. They also
      cannot be dealt with simultaneously; we need to first deal with one of the
      problems then the other.

      For a number of reasons it is the Unemployment Crisis that
      needs to be addressed first. The most significant reason is that trying to deal
      with the National Debt first, without dealing with unemployment makes both the
      Unemployment and the National Debt Crises worse. Or to put it another way
      without getting more Americans employed you cannot solve the National Debt
      problem. Second, because it is the humane thing to do, and third since the more
      people working and paying taxes increases government revenues, without raising
      tax rates, thus reducing the annual budget deficit and making a budget that starts to pay down the National
      Debt easier to reach.

      The root of the Unemployment
      Crisis is a lack of Consumer Demand for products and services provided by American
      Workers. Since Consumers can’t create Consumer Demand without a job and
      Employers can’t prudently create new jobs without increased Consumer Demand and
      in the American Economy Workers and Consumers are the same people there is a deadlock.
      Neither can act unless the other acts first, hence the crisis. Thus it is this
      deadlock we need to eliminate now. Then we can deal with the National Debt.

      Destroying jobs, which is what
      the Republican proposed austerity program would do, will not fix the Debt/Deficit
      problem it will just make unemployment
      and the economy worse.

      • valley person

        And that was the central stupid thing the tea party did right after getting elected in 2010. They switched the focus to teh deficit, started cutting spending, and stopped Obama from doing any additional jobs bill. So instead of building on the good job growth we had before the 2010 election, we flat lined, and now they want to blame Obama.

    • DavidAppell

      Both of your analogies are irrelevant.

      Our situation is not Europe’s, where individual countries do not control their own currency and so cannot utilize monetary policies.

      Nor is our situation like a family’s credit card. The US government can create its own income at will, by raising taxes, borrowing broadly, printing money, or utilizing the Federal Reserve. Like past debt (since WW2), much of our debt will be inflated away.

      See also the “paradox of thrift,” which does not apply to a family.

      Your suggestions are simple-minded and macroeconomically ignorant.

      • Judahlevi

        Anyone with any understanding of finance and economics knows that my analogies are not “irrelevant.” Based on your financial ‘logic’, we can spend money forever and never have an economic problem. Here comes $100 trillion dollar deficits with no economic consequences. I don’t think so.
        And don’t call people “simple-minded” and “ignorant.” Name-calling is for children – a tactic of the playground – not adult discussions.

        • DavidAppell

          What about name-calling like “fanatics” and “anti-capitalist,” both names you have called in recent replies?

          There is a time for deficit spending (to augment weak consumer demand) and there is a time to pay the bill (when a president inherits a surplus like in 2001). The current time is the former. Europe, including the UK, has shown that austerity in a weak economy does not work.

    • DavidAppell

      And I’d still like to know where you were when Bush doubled the debt.

      Or, tell us: what did Saint Reagan do to the federal debt? Hard numbers, please.

  • valley person

    Picking inauguration day is a good trick for making it look like Obama hasn’t accomplished anything. Move that date by 6 months and he has accomplished a lot. And it took at least that long for his policies to take effect.

  • David from Mill City

    I guess it is understandable that Senate Republicans (the
    source of this table) would want to blame President Obama for our current
    economic situation as might distract the voters from the reality that their continued
    filibustering during the first two years of President Obama’s term stopped any
    really meaningful or truly effective legislation to deal with our two economic
    crises from being adopted. After all
    they feel that making President Obama a one term president is more important than
    fixing the economy or preventing a reoccurrence of the Banking/ Wall Street
    Crisis that got us where we are today.

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