Rumor: Goli Ameri and Lynn Snodgrass for GOP Chair

The rumor mill is alive with speculation for the next state chair of the Oregon Republican Party. A discussion with some executive voting members of the Republican Party indicated that there is talk of Goli Ameri and Lynn Snodgrass as the latest candidates being promoted as candidates to the office (wether they wish to or not). Former House Speaker Lynn Snodgrass has run for the State Chair before and it appears that some of her supporters are pushing her name again in 2009. Goli Ameri is a former congressional candidate against David Wu and has been featured in the media recently for her project to re-strategize the Oregon Republican Party.

Both are quality leadership-proven women who have served their party. Which would be the best candidate among the choices already brimming (Bob Tiernan, Vance Day)? These are the names being talked among those who vote for the office, do you have any suggesstions?