Rumor: Goli Ameri and Lynn Snodgrass for GOP Chair

The rumor mill is alive with speculation for the next state chair of the Oregon Republican Party. A discussion with some executive voting members of the Republican Party indicated that there is talk of Goli Ameri and Lynn Snodgrass as the latest candidates being promoted as candidates to the office (wether they wish to or not). Former House Speaker Lynn Snodgrass has run for the State Chair before and it appears that some of her supporters are pushing her name again in 2009. Goli Ameri is a former congressional candidate against David Wu and has been featured in the media recently for her project to re-strategize the Oregon Republican Party.

Both are quality leadership-proven women who have served their party. Which would be the best candidate among the choices already brimming (Bob Tiernan, Vance Day)? These are the names being talked among those who vote for the office, do you have any suggesstions?

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  • Sagano

    You know Snodgrass, as Speaker, led Republicans during a trying Legislative Session. She had to balance many diverse elements and was able to pass good legislation. She also has always been a fundraiser for GOP candidates after she left office. I do not think you can go wrong with her.

  • Anonymous

    I met and listened to Bob yesterday,

    Sorry, but Bob Tiernan must get the chair job if the Oregon Republican Party has any hope of becoming relevant and successful again.
    Bob is exactly what every conservative I know has been waiting and wanting to see lead the party.

    He is precisely what the party needs.
    In leadership, message, methods and principals.

  • Reper

    Bob should lay out his plan for everyone to see. That would be most welcome.

  • devietro

    I have never met Snodgrass but have met Ameri and she is sharp, I would like to see them all lay out there plans and then we can make a more informed decision.

  • Dan

    I haven’t been able to find anything about Ameri’s recent project to “re-strategize the Oregon Republican Party.” Can anyone point me to a link or a news story? These are exactly the kind of conversations we should be having. Let’s look at the plans side by side and make informed decisions instead of the ridiculous insider baseball power plays that have gotten us nowhere fast.

  • Anon.


    Other stories exist but here is a quick Mapes post on it.

    The group is still very young … not much to judge beyond the goals.

  • Anaphylactic Shock

    Bob Tiernan is really good for the job, but if not him, I’d rather go with someone who actually has the connections and could get the job done accurately.

    The man: Bob Avery.

  • Anonymous Republican

    God, no.

    • Anaphylactic Shock

      What? You want our party to be continually ruled by Kevin Mannix? Forget Goli Ameri. She’s weaksauce and not worthy of running Oregon’s GOP. Tiernan is good, Avery is fine, Snodgrass is good.

      The fact is that we need the next ORP Chair to focus on getting voter registration and fundraising built back up. And to keep Gordon Smith, Kevin Mannix, or Ronny Sexbot from making any attempt to run for Governor.

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