Is there is a conservative response to “No Easy Day” book controversy?

Thought of the day:

When Wikileaks issued a zillion diplomatic documents, many conservatives called for Julian Assage to be arrested. When Obama gave details on the Osama Bin Laden raid, many conservative columnists said he was unlawfully giving away military secrets to bolster his re-election image. NOW we have the highly controversial book “No Easy Day’ written by the Navy Seal Team Six member who shot Bin Laden and was the one who took his photo. The alias-named author says he gave away no secret tactics yet the Pentagon says he did and that he failed to screen the book by them and that he broke his secrecy agreement.

What is the conservative perspective?

Is the author a whistle blower who wanted to set the public record straight against inaccurate facts that were put out in the media. Or is he is a military lawbreaker and leaker who just happens to gain from his leaks (although most profits going to charity). Watch the 60 minutes interview below.