Lars Larson on Farm Cap and Trade

Well, the farmers know all about the Governor’s ideas on Cap and Trade, and they don’t like them.

The newspapers reported last week that the Governor is planning to spend money on a regional Cap and Trade system. Cap and Trade means you cap the amount of energy used. If you’d like to use more energy than that you have to pay for carbon credits. That’s Cap and Trade.

The Governor wants to spend $1.9 million on a system like that and agriculture has already seen this for the scam that it is. Roger Beyer, who is with the Oregon Seed Council, says, “We see Cap and Trade as a hidden tax on energy and we are very much opposed to the idea.”

The Governor is also proposing spending more millions of dollars on energy efficiency in homes and business, on tax credits for electric and hybrid cars, and all the other scams and schemes he’s got going.

The fact is, we don’t need that. What we need is market based solutions for energy supply for Oregon and not messing around with Al Gore’s fantasies.

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