Oregon unemployment hits 8 percent. Read both Democrat and Republican responses

Oregon unemployment hit 8%, and here are the two different responses from both parties:

Senate President Peter Courtney

“The unemployment figures released this morning are another indicator that we don’t yet know how deep this recession will become. Since June we have seen unemployment increase from 5.4 percent to over 8 percent. November’s unemployment rate is the highest in Oregon in more than five years and no one yet knows how high it will go. As a state, our budget future remains uncertain. “We cannot lose sight, however, that the unemployment rate is more than a number. The future is also uncertain for thousands of families who are struggling to keep a roof over their head and food on their table. In this holiday season, it is my hope that Oregonians would be mindful of those who are less fortunate by expressing the spirit of giving by helping a neighbor or even a stranger.”

House Republican Office
Gap Between State, National Unemployment Rate Grows

Oregon’s Unemployment Rates Rises to 8.1 Percent, Above National Average.
“Oregon’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate rose to 8.1 percent in November from 7.2 percent (as revised) in October. The state’s unemployment rate has risen sharply over the past five months after remaining stable throughout the first half of the year at near 5.5 percent. The U.S. seasonally adjusted unemployment rate rose to 6.7 percent in November, from 6.5 percent in October.”
(News Release: Oregon’s Employment Situation: November 2008, Oregon Employment Department, 12/15/2008)
Don’t Blame Bush: Gap Between State, National Unemployment Rate Grows.
Unemployment Rates (Seasonally Adjusted)
______… Nov 2008…Oct 2008…Nov 2007
United States…6.7%…6.5%…4.7%
(Source: Oregon Employment Department, 12/15/2008)

Unemployment Spreads Among Private Industries”¦
“In November, two major industry categories, which were not the first to cut jobs this year, registered substantial job losses: leisure and hospitality (-1,800 jobs) and trade, transportation, and utilities (-4,200 jobs).”
(News Release: Oregon’s Employment Situation: November 2008, Oregon Employment Department, 12/15/2008)

“¦But Not Government.
“Government expanded by 4,400 jobs at a time of year when a gain of 3,200 is the norm. Federal, state, and local government each have grown over the year. About half of government’s total gain of 7,500 in those 12 months has occurred in education, with state education up 900 jobs and local education up 2,600.”
(News Release: Oregon’s Employment Situation: August 2008, Oregon Employment Department, 9/15/2008)

Defying State’s Poor Economy, Democrats Poised to Swell Government Payroll
“Under Gov. Ted Kulongoski’s budget proposal, the tough times in store for state workers would not reach the pain levels being felt now in the private sector. Not even close.

“Despite the governor’s call for eight unpaid “furlough” days for state workers and is not budgeting for any annual cost of living pay increases, conservatives and liberals alike are questioning if he’s going too easy on state government’s 50,000 workers. Under his budget, state employees’ overall employment numbers and salaries would grow and their benefits package would remain unchanged at a time when state services to the most vulnerable Oregonians are being reduced and the state’s private-sector companies are laying off tens of thousands of workers.”
(Budget Largely Insulates State Workers From Cuts, David Steves, Register-Guard, 12/7/2008)