Portland Tribune lays off Phil Stanford, Denise Szott

The Portland Tribune has laid off Phil Stanford and Denise Szott as reported by the Portland Business Journal. Another sign of Oregon newspaper cut-backs.

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  • Jayne Carroll

    Praise the Lord re. Stanford. For some insane reason his revisionist history and muckracking has earned him some undeserved respect as a Portland historian. He is a gossip columnist; he should stick to fiction and stay away from journalism forever.

    • dean

      “Gossip” columns are part of the field of journalism. As are obituaries, editorials, film reviews, analysis, and so forth.

    • UB

      I’ll miss PHIL STANFORD’S columns whether they be truth or ‘nutso’ – and, nominate JAYNE CARROLL to take his place at the PORTLAND TRIBUNE. Conservatively speaking, she might make some sense at the publication so many ‘right’ minded folks hoped would live up to OREGON JOURNAL standards and edifications.“` Meanwhile, to Phil, I say bonne chance and run for public office. Your eduction is quite superior the goof ball spieling at City Hall.“` Jayne, I love you, too, yet think your ‘castigration’ of PS as unseemly as Philomela’s fete. Ciao. >;~)=)

    • Charlie Reilly

      Dismissing Phil Stanford’s articles as “gossip columns” makes as much sense as calling Falstaff a stand-up comedian or NASA an airline. There’s some truth to the charge, but there is so much more to the real picture. Again and again, Stanford’s non-‘gossip” pieces were examples of journalism at its best.

      Whether scoring the antics of local politicians or calling attention to the needs of P-town’s less fortunate, he wrote with an unfailing moral vision. In addition, by recording the history of the “Portland Confiidential” Fifties, he gave the city a sense of its past and, more important, an enriched sense of itself.

      For decades Phil Stanford has drawn a portrait of the Willamette Valley and has done so with wit and eloquence. If, like Jayne Carroll, you dismiss his work as gossip, you’ve said more about yourself and your view of this wonderful and complex city than about Phil Stanford.

  • Jayne Carroll

    Dean is correct…gossip columns are part of the field of journalism…as are obituaries. However, the “gossip” and the “obituaries” should be based on truth, not fiction, to be considered journalism. This was often not the case with Mr. Stanford’s columns. Phil Stanford’s style of “journalism” may be why so many newspapers are going under.

  • Jerry

    Yes, gossip columns are part of that great thing we call journalism. They seem to be really helping, too, with all the success the newspapers are enjoying.

    If one needs gossip one talks to one’s neighbors. One doesn’t pay for it.

  • Write Idea

    This is the trend. Blogs and online news sources are the future. Pay-per-paper is ending. Sure, I’ll admit, I prefer reading a newspaper to a electronic article. However, I’m simply not willing to pay for a hard copy subscription.

    Plus, reading online in firefox with ad block there are no advertisements or other distractions. . . .

    • dean

      Newsprint won’t disappear, but it will have to reorganize around different business models. Its like TV did not entirely displace radio, but it did knock out pieces of radio like staged dramas and serials. People want to know what is happening, and for the most part reporters will still gather and write stories, but breaking news has already shifted on line.

      As I understand it, the few newspapers that are still doing ok are very local or niche market oriented.

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