Portland building inspector builds without permits and other government hypocrisies

One of Portland’s top building inspectors is coming under fire for not getting building or electrical permits for construction on his home and his mother’s home. The same inspector was criticized a longer time ago fro signing off on projects for his own home. The inspector blames “overzealous” regulators (insert joke here). Here we have the truth that even for a building inspector expert the rules are too burdensome.

Add this to the list of others such as Erik Sten buying a large home after spending years trying in different ways to force Portland builders to build smaller homes. Or how about the City of Wilsonville that tried to bypass land-use laws we have to follow because they took too long.

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  • Harry

    Dog bites man. Ho hum. It is to be expected.

    Like most Democrats… do as I say (since I know best, you ignorant rube!), but not as I do.

    Al Gore and his jet setting Gulfstream and Global Warming gig is another example.

    Democrats are the biggest Hypocrites with their hypocritical hypocrisies.

    • dean

      How do we know he is a Democrat?

  • Reper

    If thsi inspector would just came out and said “I hate the rules, and I know because I enforce them.” He could have been cheered on.

  • Bill Sizemore

    I wonder how the inspector voted on my measure to allow minor construction without a permit. My guess is that he voted “No” to protect his job, which consists of forcing others to obey laws he doesn’t obey himself.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to know if this is the plan review guy down on 4th who is such an inflexible, hard nosed, bureaucratic jerk. If you’re in construction you know the one I mean.

  • Anonymous

    “How do we know he is a Democrat?”

    Good question dean. You should ask one of the Republican city officials.

    Read my mind.

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