Bend City Council sticks public in eye with political Peace Bridge

Liberals may not be good at winning wars or balancing budgets but they are excellent at political platitudes as in the case of Bend City Council renaming thier Portland Avenue Bridge as the official Peace Bridge as reported by KTVZ.

Here is the resolution that went with the bridge:

“Whereas, apathy and intolerance on the part of a disillusioned public is contrary to the public good, and

Whereas, several Bend community groups have organized to promote and advance nonviolent communication and peaceful conflict resolution, thereby fostering the renewal of confidence and hope, and

Whereas, nonviolent peacemaking has been shown to be an effective means of bridging the divides that separate individuals, families, neighbors, and communities;

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved that the City Council of Bend, Oregon hereby proclaims the Portland Avenue Bridge be designated the “Peace Bridge of Bend,” so that this public structure, built to bridge physical divides, may now come to symbolize our collective will to bridge our human divides; this for the benefit of our children and their children, that they may grow to understand peaceful resolution of conflict takes patience, and courage, and a desire to foster tolerance and celebrate diversity in our community.”

This was removed from the originalk draft =”Whereas, fear and distrust resulting from the increasingly polarized tone of public discourse has eroded public confidence and the common will to resolve contentious issues”

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  • Anonymous

    Whereas, many Bend residents wave a peacefull middle finger at the City Council.

  • Harry

    From the website of the Bend TV station, a comment by the current mayor:
    “Bruce Abernethy
    Thursday, December 18, 2008

    Barney et al,

    Your article is good, but needs a little clarification. The text of the proclamation we voted on and approved did not have the first Whereas paragraph – we took it out since it was determined to be too negative. Secondly, Newport Avenue Bridge was not only designated Veterans Memorial Bridge, it was formally renamed that. In contrast, in this case, we did not rename the Portland Avenue Bridge (that’s still what it is called), but it was designated the Peace Bridge of Bend. ”

    So, at the end of the Mayor’s comment, he notes that the bridge was NOT renamed, just designated.

    Got that major distinction without a difference? Maybe Mayor Bruce graduated from the Kennedy School of Government with an DDD (Doctorate of Distinctions and Differences).

    What a buffoon! I count three major violations:
    1- pandering to a lunatic fringe of 0.05% of Bend’s population
    2- wasting city council time with useless proclamations
    3- renaming a bridge without having the stones to actually rename it

    Good riddance, lame duck Mayor Bruce.

  • Russ Kelley

    “Bend City Council sticks public in eye with political Peace Bridge”

    Because … why? Conservatives don’t like peace?

    • dean

      Haven’t you heard the conservative song: “Peace! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Say it again ya’ll!”

      Now war memorials….those are a great use of government effort.

      • cc

        You’re right, deaner – war never accomplished anything positive. Those who fought and died in them are just poor misguided fools whose wasted lives should be forgotten – not memorialized. “Peace in our time” is always the answer.

        Sieg heil!

  • Anonymous

    Peace through superior firepower!

    • Provo

      Is that from Star Trek?

  • Anonymous

    dean’s right we could have avoided wars if the bad peoples would have simply been asked, politely, to stop doing that bad stuff.
    Reasoning, diplomacy, love and peace.
    Intertwined with tolerance and sustainability.
    That’s the era we are in.

    But I’m getting a concealed weapon carry permit just in case that don’t work out so well.

    • cc

      The coddled are always the first to surrender.

      Odd that liberals are so enamored with evolution for all species but humans.

      • Anonymous

        how about we evolve until we humans are no longer barbarically violent?

  • Bob Mulroy

    The treacaly elitism of those statements!

    I’m glad I don’t live there.

  • Jerry

    Naming a bridge peace will help people think more about peace. If that happens, true peace will follow. What you think about happens. Peace.

  • Anonymous

    The good news in Bend all of these bums were voted out in on Nov 4 We can’t wait for the new council

  • Larry

    The Air Force needs some Target Practice. Whats the exact Location of this worthless bridge?

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