Wanted: Oregon Fiscal Child Abusers

Chris Edwards wrote “10 Reasons to Oppose a Stimulus Package for the States.” Reason #5: Rising Federal Debt is Fiscal Child Abuse. The so-called stimulus package would be financed with borrowed money, read: more debt, the burden falling “on young people and future taxpayers.” Oregon is full of fiscal child abusers. Gov. Kulongoski proposes an economic-stimulus-elixir $600 million bond sale. Add interest. That’s perhaps $1 billion of new debt. For the children. The city of Portland’s current-and-ever-growing debt is $9,400 per person. Yet, Mayor-elect Adams crows to build a government-owned convention center hotel, piling on at least $225 million in city bond sales. Add a guestimate for interest: Think $330 million deeper in debt. Think $600 more debt per person. For one local project. Fiscal child abusers exist throughout Oregon. Bring them to light for the damage they are doing.