Gun tax idea is just more backwards thinking

The Ashland Daily Tidings recently featured an opinion on taxing guns — to the tune of $400 a year. See article here.

Sure the idea is awful, but why do local newspaper have to start the crime debate by going the wrong direction? When was the last time you saw a good series on fighting crime that did not involve setting criminals free or some new trendy unproven program?

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  • devietro

    Wow a 400/yr gun tax, that would destroy my personal income never mind the fact that it wouldn’t work for a whole host of reasons ranging from the fact that criminals don’t participate in these programs anyway to the fact that gun registration has never reduced crime.

    It bothers me deeply how someone could have such a huge thinking error to even write this piece. I guess if I were to see it anywhere Ashland is the place.

    • Anonymous

      I can, look at the idiots running our state. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Ahh, the perfect case to use Rupert’s “and abortion” argument.

    Lets do a rough calculation shall we?

    Ok, accept the $400 per gun figure.

    Well, as I recall there are around 200 million privately held guns in the US.

    I also seem to recall some figure like 1 million abortions in the US annually.

    Hmmm, so that means the abortion tax would be roughly $400 x 200 = $80,000

    Wow, that’s a lot. but wait, there is more:

    Lets guess the average lifespan at 80, and the average person gets shot at 20, thereby losing 75% of a life. well, an abortion results in the loss of an entire life. So that means our figure is actually 25% low. Taking that into account we get the actual abortion tax should be $106,666

    If the concern here is truly the individual taking responsibility for the cost of actions, then there should be no objection to the abortion tax.

    $400 anually per gun.

    $106,666 per abortion.

    Would Mr. Scott Dixon ( the person who wrote the tax article ) care to reconsider his opinion at this point?

  • Jerry

    I think there should be a tax on people who think up these idiotic proposals. Say, about $800 or thereabouts.

  • Joey Link

    It never ceases to amaze me, how flawed the logic is of these anti-gunners. It’s clear they’re not looking to stop crime, but rather disarm law abiding citizens. If this wasn’t true, they’d be approaching the problem of firearm violence at a totally different angle. A good start would be acknowledging the fact that disarming law abiding citizens does nothing to curb crime and leaves them defenseless against criminals. Nobody can argue with the fact that the police cannot protect you in those vital seconds between the time a situation starts and the time the officers arrive.

    I started in an effort to organize firearm owners to fight potential anti-gun legislation here in the Northwest. In under five months, we’re already up to 729 members and doing some great things for the firearm community. I encourage any of you who have an interest in your 2nd Amendment rights to join up ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Fireye

    We should pass a law making it illegal to propose anymore gun restrictions whatsoever. These SOB’s will never quit until we have a civil war flat out. I am sick of them attacking my RIGHT to defend myself and I want this crap finished forever. Do you get this you anti gun communists? Lets have it out on the battlefield as that is where it is going to end up anyways. Lets end this gun restriction crap once and for all!!!

    • dean

      Gee…that sounds deep. A shootout to determine once and for all whether future generations can ever decide whether they want to impose restrictions on gun ownership. What would we do…pick teams of sharpshooters to represent each side? 2 teams enter…1 team leaves? Maybe we should do a trial run with paintball.

      Remember, if only criminals have guns then only criminals kids will accidently shoot themselves.

      • Anonymous

        Child handgun death rates are ridiculously low. Rhetoric and emotion are terrible foundations for legislation. If you are serious, ban automobiles.

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