Clackamas four-day workweek under fire

To deal with the budget Clakcmas County government has decided to move ot a four day work week. The Oregonian reports:

“Clackamas County’s four-day workweek skirts state law and punishes the struggling real estate industry, according to critics of the county’s new schedule. Real estate professionals and others can no longer conduct business with the county recorder’s office on Fridays, a popular closing day for buyers who want to move into their new homes over the weekend. “They’ve taken out one of the busiest days of our workweek,” said Brian Reynolds…A delay in recording real estate transactions can be a headache for homebuyers, critics contend, because until a deal is recorded, title companies typically won’t issue title insurance, and banks generally won’t issue loans. In addition, locks on mortgage rates commonly expire on Fridays, which means buyers who miss the deadline could have to pay a higher interest rate. However, having county employees work four 10-hour days instead of five eight-hour days produces no payroll savings.

Is this a cost saving measure or a another bungled government solution? Comment.