What are your predictions for 2009?

Every other week I get to share a piece of my mind here on Oregon Catalyst. The hardest part of writing a post, next to getting started, is choosing a topic. Now you might think that all the stuff going on right now would make that easy, but it’s an embarrassment of riches. How do you select just one topic in such a target rich environment? So that I can get to the important task of mixing more Gin and Tonics (You do know we write these posts the night before they’re posted don’t you? You didn’t really think we all got up in the middle of the night to have them up by 5 AM did you?) I’m going to take the easy way out – I’m going to make an executive decision and do what all executives do — delegate.

Here’s your chance to sound off. Pick one (or more) of the questions below and tell us what you think and WHY. Be specific “because Obama is a tool/god” is not an answer.

What will Obama’s rumored trillion dollar ‘stimulus’ package contain? What should it contain? Who will dine on the pork and whose diet will be kosher?

Will housing prices stabilize, rise, or fall in 2009?

What will the Dow be on January 1, 2010?

How expensive will gas be on January 1, 2010?

Tying together the last two questions, will alternative energy stocks recover their huge 2008 losses or will they continue to slide?

What will be the scariest item on the Oregon Democrat’s legislative agenda?

Happy New Year!