The Oregonian announces Dave Reinhard replacement. Check her out.

The Oregonian has announced their Dave Reinhard replacement as an official center-right voice for the newspaper. Apparently the newspaper had to go to another state, Washington, to find a replacement. Her name is Elizabeth Howe and you can read her debut here.

Her article lays out her values, pro-life, pro-right to work, pro-accountability and favors reduced penalties for marijuana users. She is anti-assisted suicide, anti-death penalty, anti-don’t ask don’t tell policy and against drilling for oil in Alaska. She says she voted for Bush twice but did not mention who she voted for in 2008. Hmm?

We can only hope that Elizabeth follows Reinhard’s example by being sharply honest, courageous and highly intellectual in exposing the truth in such hostile times.

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  • Anonymous

    She is anti-assisted suicide, anti-death penalty, anti-don’t ask don’t tell policy and against drilling for oil in Alaska.

    Okay, she sounds center left, or center-center, but not center-right. But compared to the yahoos at the declining Oregonian, she appears next to them as being far right. And I bet she voted for Obama.

    The Zero should have found a *true* *Oregonian* from East of the Urban/Rural Divide to attempt their Fair and Balanced charade. But instead they go for some sophisticated moderate Democrat from up north. Not impressed.

    • Anonymous

      You’re 100% correct. She is not “right” in any sense of the term. She believes what sells.

      The Fish Wraper should have chosen an Eastern Oregonian who holds true Conservative values.

  • anonymous

    Doesn’t matter. The F-Wrapper is toast and will be gone as a daily 3-4 years. Btw, as long as that pant load Caldwell is around don’t expect any improvement.

  • Anonymous

    “And I bet she voted for Obama”

    And she doesn’t like Palin??? Now THAT would make this funny.

  • Ken

    Her name is Elizabeth Hovde, not Howe. She lives in Vancouver, Washington, so it’s not like she has no clue about Oregonians. She says in the first sentence that she’s no Dave Reinhard, and you can’t expect her to be. Oh, and guess what? Quite a few “center-right” Americans voted for Obama. Think we can give her a chance before we crucify her?

  • JesseO

    Like that other non-Oregon resident: Lars Larson.

  • eagle eye

    She sounds pretty solidly conservative to me, and I like most of her views. (I can’t tell if she’s against don’t-ask-don’t-tell because it’s too pro-gay, or not pro-gay enough.)

    You guys here think she doesn’t sound pretty conservative? Are you out of your minds?

  • Roger Alvey

    She couldn’t be pro life and vote for Obama who doesn’t seem to care at what point in the pregnancy (or after) they are killed. I say she voted for Ron Paul …

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