Get the facts on Oregon education funding

Promote Oregon Leadership PAC

SALEM– Oregon House Republicans yesterday launched to answer the false and misleading attacks by Democrats and their special interest supporters.

“Democrats are following the same, tired playbook to hide their failed record and lack of new solutions,” said Nick Smith of Promote Oregon Leadership PAC. “As we all witnessed during Wednesday night’s presidential debate, the Democrats’ straw man falls apart when they are confronted on the issues and the facts.” gives Oregonians an overview of what House Republican co-leadership looked like in the current term, especially when compared to the disastrous 2009-10 cycle when House Democrats enjoyed a supermajority.

When Democrats falsely accuse Republicans of cutting education funding, the web site informs voters that state school funding actually increased. also informs voters the 2009-10 Democratic supermajority increased overall state spending by $11 billion, raised taxes and fees by $1.6 billion, yet still cut state education funding by $376 million.

“Democrats don’t want Oregonians to know that K-12 funding increased under Republican co-leadership,” Smith said. “They don’t want Oregonians to know that growing PERS costs are hurting our school districts. But the House Democrats and the public employee unions will defend the current PERS system at all costs, even at the expense of our students.”

Finally, Oregonians can visit to learn more about the job-creating solutions that House Democrats blocked in 2012, and why Democrats are spending millions to conceal their record of governing the state.

“Under Democratic leadership, Oregon has become a national leader in poverty and real unemployment,” Smith said. “We are happy to direct Oregonians to legislators who are ready to roll up their sleeves and take on the task of reforming Oregon’s budget, putting our citizens back to work and rebuilding our school system.”