• Reper

    Sarah needs to move on, build on the momentum not look back.

  • dartagnan

    Americans don’t like whiners, and Sarah Palin is the biggest whiner in politics today. Everybody is always picking on her. Everybody is unfair to her. When things go wrong it’s always somebody else’s fault, never hers. She behaves like a spoiled 5-year-old. Everybody in America except the hard-core right-wingers is sick of her already.

    • Anonymous

      Well, Douchebaggin, judging by your other blog posts, I’d say the biggest whiner was you.

  • dean

    Someday a PhD dissertation is going to be written on her syntax.

    If I had a nckel for every email I got from some anonymous source about Obama being a secret Muslim out to destroy the US I would have had a better Christmas. Unsubstantiated blogging cuts in both directions. Oh…and Obama is not a citizen. And his wife was really a Black Panther. And so forth.

    Get over yourself Ms. Palin.

  • Provo

    Obama has replaced the illuminati the most desired conspiracy

  • Anonymous

    The media lost all credibility because of this election. Sarah Palin is the best thing to happen to the Republicans in years, and the liberal media is afraid of her, which is why they attack her. If the media had done just half of their job correctly, and Obama was looked at under a microscope (like the conservatives were), the country never would have elected a socialist to lead us for the next 4 years. Obama commented about Fox news in his debate, just because they are the only network that is NOT in his pocket. And you want to call Sarah Palin a whiner? Give me a break.

  • cc

    “Someday a PhD dissertation is going to be written on her syntax.”

    Not by you, I’m quite sure.

    Get over yourself – I can well understand why you get so many anonymous emails.

    • dean

      You’ve been reading my email? You really do need to stop obsessing over me.

      • Anonymous

        I know PhDs …

        I come from a family of PhDs …

        I am myself a PhD …

        dean, you are no PhD …
        of anything …
        never will be …

      • cc

        “You really do need to stop obsessing over me.”

        Trust me deaner, except when I encounter your predictably inane comments here, you never intrude on my consciousness.

        I’m sure if I ever thought about you, I’d probably dislike you.

  • Sybella

    I agree, she does need to move on. But I don’t blame her for being p—-o–. She got crappy treatment. Look what Jack B said. Ive seen children do better than that. I don’t think it would have been so bad if it was just Sarah that was so maliciously attacked, but when idiots go after her children, they are so out of line. I personally do not see it as whining. I do see it as expressing her anger and outrage. Democrats whine. Look at most of their posts. Whine, Whine, Whine, Personally I like Merlot.

    I was pretty disgusted and for that matter, I still am. I hope she doesn’t go any further with this because if she does, she’ll sound like a hard-core left winger

  • Chris McMullen

    It was sickening how the media attacked her. And for all the trolls here to say she acted like a victim just shows how clueless they all are. She was nothing but gracious when asked about all the slime the media threw at her.

    Sarah has more executive experience than Obama could ever wish for, and that scared the libs in the media so much they had no choice but to smear her — bunch scumbags. I challenge anyone here to find one interview the mainstream media did with Obama that was tougher than what Palin received.

    I can’t wait until she runs again in 2012. Once Obama implodes this country, she’ll be a shoe-in.

    • dean

      Tough interviews? Let’s count them. I think outside of Fox, she did 2 whole interviews. She had to answer puzzlers like: What do you think about the Bush doctrine? What newspapers do you read? What Supreme Court decisions do you disagree with? How much time have you spent overseas? What exactly is your position on the right to an abortion?

      Why a candidate for VP previously unknown to 95% of the nation 2nd in line behind a 72 year old cancer survivor whould have to answer these questions is a mystery.

      Yes…they were real hard on the poor gal. She should have been able to just smile radiantly, flash a little leg, wave to the crowds, and insinuate Obama was really a socialist terrorist unmolested by the liberal media. Totally unfair.

      And Chris…you sound like you WANT the nation to implode. Will you be disappointed if it does not?

      • Chris McMullen

        Once again, the Marxist parrots media pablum in a pathetic attempt at a rebuttal.

        “Show a little leg…” you should be ashamed of yourself. What piggish statement.

        And you won’t answer which tough questions Obama was asked. What were they, Marxist?

        BTW, Sarah *did* answer those questions. Why should she give examples of what papers she read — the question itself was insulting.

        And did the media go after Obama when he said his opinion on when a child’s life begins was “above his pay grade…?”

        Did the MSM ever press Obama on Rezko? Or Ayers? Or ACORN?

        I’ll await another one of your non-answers.

        • dean

          I didn’t track every interview Obama did, but he did a lot of them, plus something like 20 public debates during the 18 month primary, plus 3 debates mano a mano with a war hero. He was asked about Rezko on a number of occasions, gave his answers, and that was that. Ayers was brought up repeatedly, including in interviews, and there was simply no there there. Same for Acorn. It was all vapid guilt by association and it fell flat. The “above my pay grade” answer was roundly criticized, as were other things Obama said during a long campaign. “You’re likable enough Hillary” was one. “Clinging to their guns…” was another.

          Palin was thrust onto the national stage in late August, gave a speech and did no interviews and only a single debate. When she submitted to a few interviews, basic questions were asked, and she mostly flubbed the answers or tried to get by on over rehearsed talking points. She did fine in her softball interviews with Hannity, Van Sustren, and Limbaugh. It takes more than that to gain wide public acceptance.

          Many reporters and commentators, including those on the right like David Brooks, clearly liked Obama and tended to cut him slack. At first, the same was true for Palin. But after she first avoided, and then flubbed, the wheels came off and she had too little time to recover. Several prominent conservative reporters were among her harshest critics.

          She was clearly not ready for the national stage, nor was she ready to be vice president of the United States. Maybe next time will be better for her if she does some homework first. But the longer she blames “the media” the longer she puts off dealing with her own issues.

          • Chris McMullen

            Marxist, I realize you keep blinders on because you’re afraid to become enlightened, but don’t come in this forum an act like you’re some how informed. Everyone sees through your B.S.

            The fact is, the MSM was much more critical of Palin than they were of Obama — Palin’s kids were attacked, her husband attacked, troopergate, bridge to nowhere. Here interviews were scrutinized to no end. Plus, they had the same sexist bent to their scrutiny of her as you do.

          • dean

            Your opinion is not a fact. Palin’s kid…not kids as in plural, was dragged into the campaign by bloggers, not the so-called MSM. Obama’s wife was attacked by bloggers and airheads on the other side, who also spread rumor after rumor about his religion, his country of origin, his past drug use, whether he really wrote his own books, and much else.

            Troopergate was a potentially serious issue that needed airing, particularly after she stonewalled the investigation. The Bridge to nowhere exposed her selective approach to fiscal conservatism. And her 2 interviews were “scrutinized” because (A) she only did 2, so they hung out there like a slow arcing pitch and (B) her insufficient answers combined with her thin resume raised serious questions about how prepared she was or was not. Your own side: Brooks, Parker, Kruthhamer, and George Will among others, all said she was not ready for the office she was running for.

            Its a rough stage as it should be. Ask the Clintons. If she can’t handle it she should not expose herself to it. Frankly, I think she is a pretty tough and decent person with some good qualities, but she needs to do some geographic and policy homework before she tries a comeback.

            What you are Chris…is a whiner. Get over yourself. And think up some new names to call me. Show some imagination.

          • Chris McMullen

            I’ve had enough of the back and forth Marxist… or should I change it to Sexist.

            It’s not my problem you’re too ignorant to know Palin was scrutinized much more by the MSM than Obama.

  • Larry

    She was the best thing for the Republicans… and for the country.

    She exposed the MSM bias
    She exposed the hypocrisy of the left regarding women and class (Caroline anyone?)
    She showed the rest of the field how to field dress a empty suit candidate (BO) like you would a moose, and do it with a smile on your face
    She showed the Republicans that you can take on the world with real conservative values instead of triangulating towards the Moderate Middle ala McCain, Bush, Smith, Saxton

    The real Palin legacy will be in the next election, where the R candidates will all try to be as fire breathing, red meat, hell bent for leather as she was… but only the truly real thing will survive.

  • Anonymous

    It’s amazing how our local liberals in this state jump on the “Palin is an idiot” train.
    What do they think they elected around here?

    This State is chuck full of moronic liberals in elected office at all levels. From Sam Adams to the loons at Metro, to the halls of Salem the nitwits have taken over.

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