Lars Larson on Gov. Ted and GPS Taxing

Governor Ted Kulongoski wants to put a GPS tracking unit in your car.

I know it is one of the dumbest ideas to come along since the sales tax, but Governor Ted Kulongoski would like to track you by GPS. He’d like to have you pay for the GPS and put it in your own car. Then, drive around with it voluntarily. Well, not exactly voluntarily. If you don’t put it in your car you’ll have to pay even more in gasoline taxes at the pump.

The Governor wants to track the amount of mileage that you do””where you drive and when you drive and how often you drive–how much of what they call discretionary driving goes on, because they don’t want you to drive your car very much. But, they do want a lot of money to pay for roads.

Does that make sense? They want more money from you to pay for better roads and better road maintenance and a way to incentivize you not to use those roads.

If that makes sense to you, you too could be governor of the state of Oregon. We’ve got to get together and ban this whole idea of GPS tracking devices for honest, law abiding citizens.

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