House and Senate GOP leaders respond to State of State Address

Below are both Senator Ted Ferrioli’s, Senate GOP Leader, repsonse followed by State Rep. Bruce Hanna, House GOP Leader, response:

Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day) issued the following response to the Governor’s State of the State address: “The most important thing we will do this session is foster and create jobs by reducing the cost of government and giving working families relief from taxes and fees. If we do that, there is reason for tremendous hope for Oregon’s future. It is clear from the Governor’s address that this session will be about two different philosophies. The Democrats believe the way to create jobs is to continue the epic growth of government. They want to tax, borrow and spend until every credit card is maxed out.”

“The Republicans see it differently. Government spending has grown without check for too long. The Democrats have created a behemoth with an insatiable appetite — at the expense of working class Oregonians and small businesses. Now is that time to trim down — to reduce the cost of state government, to invest in critical priorities and eliminate non-essentials. A lean and efficient government will reduce the burden on Oregon families and small businesses so they can thrive. We need to trim government excesses so we can protect and create local, lasting jobs while funding critical programs for seniors and at-risk Oregonians.”

House Republican Leader Bruce Hanna (R-Roseburg) had the following to say regarding the Governor’s State of the State address and the opening of the 2009 session:”In his first address in 2003, Gov. Kulongoski declared the state must “˜live within its means’ during an economic recession. The Governor ignored his own pledge and endorsed the largest tax increase in Oregon’s history. It’s no coincidence that Oregon’s economy is in the same condition as when the Governor first took office. When Oregonians reversed the 2003 tax increase, they sent a message that it’s wrong to raise taxes during a recession. Six years later, Democrats are preparing to make the same mistake. Raising taxes, unsustainable spending, and running up the state’s debt is not a recipe for economic growth. It is a recipe for economic disaster.

“We don’t need to grow government to stimulate the economy, and we don’t need to raise taxes to create jobs. House Republicans have a plan to put more dollars back into the economy and increase the purchasing power of lower-income Oregonians and working families. Our plan recognizes the importance of helping businesses succeed. Our plan will create new family wage jobs and lead Oregon to economic recovery. The Legislature has a choice. We can choose economic growth and prosperity, or we can continue the failed policies and overspending that have produced a budget deficit and one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation. The 2009 session will be a test of leadership, and House Republicans will fight for taxpayers and promote solutions that build a better Oregon.”