• Sagano

    Not all cell-phone users are bad drivers. How about we just ticket the bad ones?

  • Zero

    I think Oregonians are a very libertarian bunch. They will not like this idea. We all use cell-phones as a part of work since we travel so much and commute so often. This just does not seem reasonable to me.

  • Josh Reynolds

    Can she also add daydreaming, air guitar, air drumming, singing and talking to yourself?

  • Zero

    That was banned in the 2007 Session in the air polution ordinance. Please adjust your life accordingly.

  • Harry

    Maybe also we should outlaw talking to other passengers in the car? …also humming to yourself, since it is akin to talking to oneself? … and no more yelling at other stupid drivers?

    But lets never outlaw pets riding on the dashboard (obscuring the drivers view out the windshield), or on the laps of drivers. And also we don’t want to outlaw eating greasy hamburgers (that take two hands to much on) while driving.

  • I Hate Ted!

    How about going after some of these women drivers who are putting makeup on in their car? I’ve seen this so often – yet never see any of them getting ticketed.

    • Josh Reynolds

      In Texas they made this mandatory, but only if you driving at least 70 mph and within 6 inches of the bumper of the car in front of you.

    • Reper

      Women may put on makeup but men do shave while driving.

  • devietro

    Sorry but a pure ban wont work. Washington style ban would be one thing but this is nuts.

  • Whit Patrick

    A ban on entering text into a phone, laptop, or old fashioned typewriter seems to be legislating common sense, until you think about the years we spent trying to dial-in that AM radio station we just had to hear.

    Should we ban popular coffee drinks that have whipped cream with a bean on top? Have you seen the efforts that people will go to to get that bean or a cherry out of the bottom of the cup?

    How about unwrapping the fast-food-belly-bomb and avoiding the dribbling special sauce while making a high speed lane change in the Terwilliger Curves?

    Ban it all! Think about emergency service drivers taking notes, making notes, avoiding vehicles, and responding to the spousal text demand!!!

    Wait a minute… keep the legislative session short… remind them that they aren’t smart enough to solve anything and their solutions are generally more painful to the electorate than the problems. Encourage them to vote themselves a really small pay increase and go home.

  • Bob Tiernan

    Harry wrote: “Maybe also we should outlaw talking to other passengers in the car? …also humming to yourself, since it is akin to talking to oneself?”

    Harry, those are hardly the same thing. If cell phones use while driving is to be curtailed, it must be because the user’s mind wanders during calls and is less than 100% aware of surroundings, rather than because of any concern over an unavailable hand. I ban based on the latter concern will only lead to bans on holding hamburgers etc, while ignoring the real issue which is mind-wandering.

    Bob Tiernan