Of 60 new bills introduced, 22 were tax increases

On the first day of Session the Legislature introduced some 60 new first reading of bills which represent the first bills to be submitted and go through the process. Of the sixty plus bills over 20 were tax and fee increases. This is a telling sign that much of what the Legislature is going to do is raise your taxes and uncork any idea possible to raise their own revenue at taxpayer’s expense.

  • anonymous

    And this = full employment for the taxpayer assoc. Maybe in the future you’ll quit babying phony republicans and fully support conservatives, even if they’re perceived as “mean”.

  • Anonymous

    We need to raise taxes when people are hurting and busnieses are laying off and cutting hours to their employies.

    We would not want the government class to be hurt,
    like the private sector is.

    It would not be fair.

  • A Fools Tax

    The electorate voted these fools in there deserve to have ther taxes risen if they lose their job or have to cut back, tough they voted for them they deserve to get screwed.